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Pedestrian bridges (footbridges)

The database currently contains a total of 2593 structures in this category.

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# Name Year Location Status
1 "Alpine Pass" inside the Erwin Hymer Museum 2011 Bad Waldsee (BW) Germany in use
2 10th Avenue Skybridge New York (NY) USA in use
3 A 12 Footbridge 1999 Veenendaal Netherlands in use
4 A Laxe Footbridge Vigo Spain in use
5 A-037 Overpass 2000 Poland Poland in use
6 A7 Footbridge Valence (26) France in use
7 A75/A76 Junction Footbridge Lincluden United Kingdom in use
8 Aaresteg Brugg Brugg (AG) Switzerland in use
9 Aaresteg Rupperswil 2010 Rupperswil (AG) Switzerland in use
10 Aarhus Footbridge I Aarhus Denmark in use
11 Aarhus Footbridge II Aarhus Denmark in use
12 Aarhus Footbridge III Aarhus Denmark in use
13 Aarhus Footbridge IV Aarhus Denmark in use
14 Abbey Footbridge Cong Ireland in use
15 Abercorn Ramp Footbridge Savannah (GA) USA in use
16 Aberfeldy Footbridge 1992 Aberfeldy United Kingdom in use
17 Abteibrücke 1916 Berlin (BE) Germany in use
18 Aburayama Citizens Forest Suspension Bridge Fukuoka Japan in use
19 Adams Covered Bridge 1875 Portersville (OH) USA in use
20 Adamsdown Footbridge Cardiff United Kingdom in use
21 Adelaide Avenue Pedestrian Bridge 1903 Providence (RI) USA demolished
22 Adlerbrücke 1900 Berlin (BE) Germany in use
23 Adnan Menderes Köprüsü 2009 Izmit Turkey in use
24 Adour Footbridge Dax (40) France in use
25 Aesculapium Footbridge 1995 Tuttlingen (BW) Germany in use
26 Agen Footbridge 1841 Agen (47) France demolished
27 Agen Footbridge 2002 Agen (47) France in use
28 Agro Footbridge 2007 Arteixo Spain in use
29 Aguas Vivas Footbridge Guadalajara Spain
30 Aguesses Footbridge Liège Belgium in use
31 Ainosato Footbridge 1989 Sapporo Japan in use
32 Airbus Factory Footbridge Blagnac (31) France in use
33 Aisne Footbridge 2000 Soissons (02) France - Cuffies (02) France in use
34 Ait Bayoud Footbridge 2013 Morocco Morocco in use
35 Aixovall Footbridge Sant Julià de Lòria Andorra in use
36 Ajoux Footbridge 2000 Ajoux (07) France in use
37 Akerselva Footbridge Oslo Norway in use
38 Akihabara Crossfield Center Footbridge 2006 Tokyo Japan in use
39 Albany Waterfront Footbridge 2007 Albany (WA) Australia in use
40 Alcántara Bridge Toledo Spain in use
41 Aldeias Footbridge 2006 Gouveia Portugal in use
42 Alexanderstrasse Footbridge Dortmund (NRW) Germany in use
43 Alexandra Road Bridge 2008 Singapore Singapore in use
44 Alfortville Footbridge Alfortville (94) France - Charenton-le-Pont (94) France in use
45 Alkaff Bridge Singapore Singapore in use
46 Allermöhe Footbridge Hamburg (HH) Germany in use
47 Allmandring Pedestrian Bridge 1994 Stuttgart (BW) Germany in use
48 Alnwick Castle Footbridge Alnwick United Kingdom in use
49 Alpha Street Footbridge Leeds United Kingdom
50 AlpspiX 2010 Garmisch-Partenkirchen (BY) Germany in use
51 Alte Elsterbrücke Plauen (SN) Germany in use
52 Alte Landbrugg 1693 Hinterrhein (GR) Switzerland in use
53 Alte Lobedaer-Strasse-Brücke Jena (TH) Germany in use
54 Altenbergsteg 1857 Berne (BE) Switzerland in use
55 Altrheinsteg Albbruck (I) Albbruck (BW) Germany - Schwaderloch (AG) Switzerland in use
56 Altstadtkreisel Footbridge 2006 Wernigerode (ST) Germany in use
57 Altusried Suspension Bridge Altusried (BY) Germany in use
58 AluCluster Footbridge 2005 Løgumkloster Denmark in use
59 Am Kaltenborn Footbridge 1893 Wetter (Ruhr) (NRW) Germany out of service
60 Am Leystapel Footbridge Cologne (NRW) Germany in use
61 Am Mahnmal Pedestrian Bridge Düsseldorf (NRW) Germany in use
62 Am Rodelberg Footbridge 1999 Bocholt (NRW) Germany in use
63 Am Rosenplätzchen Footbridge Dortmund (NRW) Germany in use
64 Amfreville Lock Footbridge Amfreville-sous-les-Monts (27) France - Poses (27) France in use
65 Amgen Helix Pedestrian Bridge 2004 Seattle (WA) USA in use
66 Amherst Street Footbridge Cambridge (MA) USA in use
67 Amper Canal Bridge Fürstenfeldbruck 1990 Fürstenfeldbruck (BY) Germany in use
68 Amperesteg 2005 Zurich (ZH) Switzerland in use
69 Amstel Footbridge 1993 Athens Greece in use
70 Amstel Park Footbridge 2006 Amsterdam Netherlands in use
71 Amsterdam Bridge Toronto (ON) Canada in use
72 Amtsgraben Bridge 1997 Berlin (BE) Germany in use
73 Anaklia Footbridge 2012 Anaklia Georgia in use
74 Andau Bridge 2006 Andau (BGL) Austria in use
75 Androscoggin Pedestrian Bridge 1936 Brunswick (ME) USA - Topsham (ME) USA in use
76 Angedair Footbridge Landeck (TIR) Austria
77 Angel's Bridge (Tartu) 1838 Tartu Estonia in use
78 Angerbad Footbridge Ratingen (NRW) Germany in use
79 Angoulême Footbridge Angoulême (16) France in use
80 Ansbach Cable-Stayed Bridge 1996 Ansbach (BY) Germany in use
81 Ansignan Aqueduct Ansignan (66) France in use
82 Anvil Footbridge 1994 Basingstoke United Kingdom in use
83 AP2/FRAC Access Bridge 2015 Dunkirk (59) France in use
84 Apache Bridge 1934 Seneca (AZ) USA in use
85 Apley Park Footbridge 1905 Shropshire United Kingdom in use
86 Arcades at the Sanctuary of Lourdes 1871 Lourdes (65) France in use
87 Arch of Eros 2000 Poland Poland in use
88 Arcole Footbridge 1828 Paris (75) France demolished
89 ArenA1 Bridge Amsterdam Netherlands - Ouder-Amstel Netherlands in use
90 Arguineguín Footbridge Mogán Spain in use
91 Arkansas River Footbridge Wichita (KS) USA in use
92 Arley footbridge 1971 Upper Arley United Kingdom in use
93 Armstrong Covered Bridge 1849 Cambridge (OH) USA in use
94 Arno Riedl Bridge 1985 Wetzlar (HE) Germany in use
95 Arroyo Cangrejillo Pipeline Bridge 1998 Las Estancias Argentina in use
96 Arta Bridge 1612 Arta Greece in use
97 Arthur Fiedler Footbridge 1953 Boston (MA) USA in use
98 As Footbridge 2010 Ferrol Spain in use
99 Ås Station Footbridge Ås Norway in use
100 Asahieno Elevated Footway 1976 Japan Japan