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Covered bridges

The database currently contains a total of 615 structures in this category.

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# Name Year Location Status
1 A 12 Footbridge 1999 Veenendaal Netherlands in use
2 Ackley Bridge 1832 Dearborn (MI) USA
3 Ada Bridge 1867 Ada (MI) USA rebuilt
4 Adams Covered Bridge 1875 Portersville (OH) USA in use
5 Airbus Factory Footbridge Blagnac (31) France in use
6 Alamuchee Bridge 1861 Livingston (AL) USA in use
7 Albany Bridge 1858 Albany (NH) USA in use
8 Allen Road Bridge 1956 West Chester Township (OH) USA demolished
9 Amstel Park Footbridge 2006 Amsterdam Netherlands in use
10 Andau Bridge 2006 Andau (BGL) Austria in use
11 Andelfingen Bridge 1815 Andelfingen (ZH) Switzerland
12 Andelfingen-Alten Bridge 1992 Andelfingen (ZH) Switzerland - Kleinandelfingen (ZH) Switzerland in use
13 André Blouin Footbridge 2014 Amqui (QC) Canada in use
14 Applegate River Bridge 1917 Jackson County (OR) USA
15 Armstrong Covered Bridge 1849 Cambridge (OH) USA in use
16 Artist's Covered Bridge 1872 Newry (ME) USA out of service
17 Ås Station Footbridge Ås Norway in use
18 Ashland Bridge 1870 Yorklyn (DE) USA in use
19 Ashnola River Road Bridge 1923 Keremeos (BC) Canada in use
20 Ashuelot Covered Bridge 1864 Winchester (NH) USA in use
21 Aubrugg 2016 Opfikon (ZH) Switzerland in use
22 Auchumpkee Creek Bridge 1892 Upson County (GA) USA rebuilt
23 Auenbachbrücke 1947 Hittisau (VBG) Austria out of service
24 Auguetbrücke 1836 Muri bei Bern (BE) Switzerland - Belp (BE) Switzerland in use
25 Austa Road Bridge 1925 Lane County (OR) USA in use
26 Axe Handle Road Covered Bridge 1873 Union County (OH) USA in use
27 Babbs Bridge 1864 Windham (ME) USA rebuilt
28 Backnang Bridge 1987 Backnang (BW) Germany in use
29 Bad Säckingen Covered Bridge 1700 Stein (AG) Switzerland - Bad Säckingen (BW) Germany in use
30 Ballard Road Covered Bridge 1883 Greene County (OH) USA in use
31 Bamford Bridge Salisbury (NB) Canada out of service
32 Barkhurst Mill Covered Bridge 1872 Morgan County (OH) USA out of service
33 Barrackville Covered Bridge 1852 Barrackville (WV) USA out of service
34 Bartlett Bridge 1851 Bartlett (NH) USA in use
35 Bath Bridge 1832 Bath (NH) USA
36 Bath-Haverhill Bridge 1829 Bath (NH) USA - Haverhill (NH) USA
37 Battle Creek Road Bridge 1922 Lane County (OR) USA in use
38 Batuan Bridge 1910 Batuan China in use
39 Bay Covered Bridge 1876 MacArthur (OH) USA in use
40 Beauséjour Bridge 1932 Amqui (QC) Canada - Rimouski (QC) Canada in use
41 Beech Fork Bridge 1865 Mooresville (KY) USA out of service
42 Beecher Road Bridge 1948 Josephine County (OR) USA in use
43 Belknap Bridge 1890 Lane County (OR) USA rebuilt
44 Bell Covered Bridge 1888 Washington County (OH) USA in use
45 Bement Covered Bridge 1854 Bradford (NH) USA in use
46 Benetka Road Covered Bridge 1900 Ashtabula County (OH) USA in use
47 Bennett Bridge 1901 Wilson Mills (ME) USA
48 Bennetts Mill Bridge 1855 Greenup County (KY) USA
49 Bergstresser Covered Bridge 1887 Columbus (OH) USA in use
50 Berne Bridge 1250 Fribourg (FR) Switzerland in use
51 Berta's Ranch Bridge 1936 Eureka (CA) USA in use
52 Beuron Covered Bridge 1801 Beuron (BW) Germany in use
53 Biberegg Bridge Rothenthurm (SZ) Switzerland in use
54 Bickham Covered Bridge 1877 Logan County (OH) USA in use
55 Black Covered Bridge 1869 Oxford (OH) USA in use
56 Black River Covered Bridge 1988 South Haven (MI) USA in use
57 Blackburn Covered Bridge 1885 Muskingum County (OH) USA - Pickaway County (OH) USA in use
58 Blacksmith Shop Bridge 1881 Cornish (NH) USA
59 Blair Bridge 1869 Campton (NH) USA in use
60 Blow-Me-Down Bridge 1877 Cornish (NH) USA
61 Blue Bridge 1997 Eching am Ammersee (BY) Germany in use
62 Bob Saunders Family Covered Bridge 1988 Sterrett (AL) USA in use
63 Böheimkirchen Footbridge 2000 Böheimkirchen (NOE) Austria in use
64 Boiling Spring Road Bridge 1930 Choccolocco (AL) USA
65 Bridge Street Bridge 1858 Grand Rapids (MI) USA demolished
66 Bridgeport Covered Bridge 1862 Grass Valley (CA) USA
67 Brookwood Drive Bridge 1967 Humboldt County (CA) USA in use
68 Brown Covered Bridge 1880 Brown County (OH) USA in use
69 Brown Street Bridge 1847 Lafayette (IN) USA - West Lafayette (IN) USA demolished
70 Brubaker Covered Bridge 1887 Preble County (OH) USA in use
71 Buchfart Covered Bridge 1818 Buchfart (TH) Germany in use
72 Buckeye Furnace Covered Bridge 1872 Jackson County (OH) USA in use
73 Bull's Bridge 1842 Kent (CT) USA
74 Bump Bridge 1972 Campton (NH) USA in use
75 Bunker Hill Covered Bridge 1895 Claremont (NC) USA out of service
76 Burns Park Bridge 1975 North Little Rock (AR) USA in use
77 Byer Covered Bridge 1872 Byer (OH) USA in use
78 Cabin Creek Bridge 1873 Rectorville (KY) USA out of service
79 Caine Road Covered Bridge 1986 Ashtabula County (OH) USA in use
80 Calapooya Creek Bridge 1933 Douglas County (OR) USA in use
81 Callaway Gardens Bridge 1870 Harris County (GA) USA
82 Camp Morrison Road Bridge 1936 Linn County (OR) USA in use
83 Canal Bridge 1917 Saint George (NB) Canada in use
84 Captain Swift Covered Bridge 2006 Princeton (IL) USA in use
85 Carleton Bridge 1789 Swanzey (NH) USA in use
86 Castleberry Bridge 1984 Cherokee (CA) USA in use
87 Cedar Covered Bridge 1883 Winterset (IA) USA
88 Celle Footbridge 1989 Celle (NI) Germany in use
89 Cemetery Road Covered Bridge 1886 Greene County (OH) USA in use
90 Center Point Covered Bridge 1888 Doddridge County (WV) USA in use
91 Chabenet Bridge 1847 Le Pont-Chrétien-Chabenet (36) France
92 Chambers Road Covered Bridge 1883 Delaware County (OH) USA in use
93 Charles Harding Memorial Covered Bridge 1998 Olmstead Falls (OH) USA in use
94 Charles Holliday Covered Bridge 1897 Fairfield County (OH) USA in use
95 Charleton Mill Road Covered Bridge 1882 Wilberforce (OH) USA in use
96 Cheb Covered Bridge Cheb Czechia in use
97 Chengyang Bridge 1918 Chengyang China in use
98 Chillon Castle Footbridge Veytaux (VD) Switzerland in use
99 Chitwood Covered Bridge 1926 Lincoln County (OR) USA in use
100 Christman Covered Bridge 1895 Eaton (OH) USA in use