Methodik zur vereinfachten Berechnung kontrollierter natürlicher Lüftung


Medium: journal article
Language(s): de 
Published in: Bauphysik, , n. 2, v. 35
Page(s): 99-106
DOI: 10.1002/bapi.201310059

Method for simplified calculation of controlled natural ventilation.

As the building envelopes of energy efficient buildings are becoming increasingly air-tight, ventilation concepts are increasing in importance in order to ensure good quality room air and reliably prevent dampness. DIN 1946-6 contains requirements for producing ventilation concepts in housing - for the first time also in order to prevent dampness - which are satisfied by fan-assisted or free ventilation through external openings. An important prerequisite for these ventilation concepts is that they have to be functionally independent of user interaction. For buildings other than housing, DIN EN 13779 contains requirements for ventilation systems regarding the volume of air flow in order to achieve a healthy indoor climate. Furthermore, DIN EN 15251 contains criteria for the thermal interior climate of naturally ventilated buildings.
Controlled natural ventilation through controllable window elements makes it possible to maintain adequate room air quality and humidity; in addition, this type of ventilation is interesting from the point of view of saving energy and increasing comfort levels as part of summer ventilation, and building cooling without energy consumption. However, the possibilities of controlled natural ventilation via automatically controlled windows are currently rarely explored in the design of ventilation systems for buildings, because the calculation of air quantity is complex due to continually changing boundary conditions, and simplified methods have not yet been adequately defined in the standards.
This study covers the analysis of calculation methods which support the design of ventilation systems based on controlled natural ventilation and which could be adopted in the current standards. By producing robust proof with respect to the functionality of the chosen natural ventilation (in order to improve room air hygiene and prevent dampness), designers and building owners will find it easier to use natural ventilation.

Keywords: air change, opening dimensioning
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