Arena da Amazônia, Manaus


Medium: journal article
Language(s): de 
Published in: Stahlbau, , n. 6, v. 83
Page(s): 383-389
DOI: 10.1002/stab.201410162

Arena da Amazônia, Manaus.

The basic and efficient new Stadium in Manaus, inaugurated in March 2014, forms the centre part of a large sports complex. For the design of a stadium, situated in one of the most important hubs of eco tourism in South America, a technical interpretation of natural structures have been performed. It seemed to be obvious to interpret technically all the regular structures which can be found in the Manaus completely surrounding nature. The giant water lily Victoria Regia, a perfect bird’s nest or a local basket woven from palm leafs, everything can be interpreted. The result is the now completed intelligent diamond-shaped steel grid shell structure, which is covered at roof and facade by in the equatorial sun brightly shining membrane panels.

Keywords: workshop geometry, stadium, membrane roof, grid shell, intelligent birds nest
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