The new Kamoro suspension bridge in Madagascar


Medium: conference paper
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Conference: Structural Engineering: Providing Solutions to Global Challenges, IABSE Conference Geneva, September 2015
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Page(s): 1982-1989
Year: 2015

The government of the Republic of Madagascar has been granted a funding by the International Development Association (IDA) for the Projet d’Urgence pour la Préservation des Infrastructures er la Réduction de la Vulnerabilité (PUPIRV). Part of the project consists in renovating the country’s main infrastructures. The Madagscar Roads Authority is in charge of managing the subsequent activities. The Kamoro suspension bridge is the most prominent civil engineering site in Madagascar and has been the subject of an important study realized by the present authors. The study consisted in assessing its state of conservation, its residual capacity and providing solutions for guaranteeing its efficiency. The article synthesizes the conducted studies and the structural choices made. Such decisions must absolutely take into account the territorial context in which they will be carried out.

Keywords: cable-stayed bridge, suspension bridge

Structures and Projects

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