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Richard L. Wood ORCID

La bibliographie suivante contient toutes les publications répertoriées dans la base de données qui sont reliées à ce nom en tant qu'auteur, éditeur ou collaborateur.

  1. Kijewski-Correa, Tracy / Roueche, David / Kennedy, Andrew / Allen, Doug / Marshall, Justin / Kaihatu, James / Wood, Richard L. / Smith, Daniel J. / Lester, Henry / Lochhead, Meredith / Copp, Andrew / McCarthy, Abbey / Prevatt, David O. / Robertson, Ian: Impacts of Hurricane Dorian on the Bahamas: field observations of hazard intensity and performance of the built environment. Dans: Coastal Engineering Journal.


  2. Song, Mingming / Yousefianmoghadam, Seyedsina / Mohammadi, Mohammad-Ebrahim / Moaveni, Babak / Stavridis, Andreas / Wood, Richard L. (2017): An application of finite element model updating for damage assessment of a two-story reinforced concrete building and comparison with lidar. Dans: Structural Health Monitoring, v. 17, n. 5 (octobre 2017).


  3. Devkota, Kanchan / Wittich, Christine E. / Wood, Richard L. (2019): Full Scale 13-Story Building Implosion and Collapse: Effects on Adjacent Structures. Présenté pendant: Structures Congress 2019, Orlando, Florida, 24-27 April 2019.


  4. Akhlaghi, Mehdi M. / Bose, Supratik / Mohammadi, M. Ebrahim / Moaveni, Babak / Stavridis, Andreas / Wood, Richard L. (2021): Post-earthquake damage identification of an RC school building in Nepal using ambient vibration and point cloud data. Dans: Engineering Structures, v. 227 (janvier 2021).


  5. Mahrenholtz, Philipp / Wood, Richard L. (2021): Design of post‐installed and cast‐in‐place anchors according to the new EN 1992‐4 and ACI 318‐19. Dans: Structural Concrete, v. 22, n. 2 (avril 2021).


  6. Devkota, Kanchan / Wittich, Christine E. / Wood, Richard L. (2020): Case Study on Dynamic Effects of Blast and Collapse Loads on Nearby Buildings at Roof Level. Dans: Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities (ASCE), v. 34, n. 5 (octobre 2020).


  7. Yousefianmoghadam, Seyedsina / Song, Mingming / Mohammadi, Mohammad Ebrahim / Packard, Brittany / Stavridis, Andreas / Moaveni, Babak / Wood, Richard L. (2020): Nonlinear dynamic tests of a reinforced concrete frame building at different damage levels. Dans: Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics, v. 49, n. 9 (mai 2020).


  8. Soti, Rajendra / Abdulrahman, Linh / Barbosa, Andre R. / Wood, Richard L. / Mohammadi, Mohammad Ebrahim / Olsen, Michael J. (2020): Case study: Post-earthquake model updating of a heritage pagoda masonry temple using AEM and FEM. Dans: Engineering Structures, v. 206 (mars 2020).


  9. Womble, J. Arn / Wood, Richard L. / Mohammadi, Mohammad Ebrahim (2019): Multi-Scale Remote Sensing of Tornado Effects. Dans: Frontiers in Built Environment, v. 4 (février 2019).


  10. Yu, Hanshun / Mohammed, Mohammed A. / Mohammadi, Mohammad E. / Moaveni, Babak / Barbosa, Andre R. / Stavridis, Andreas / Wood, Richard L. (2018): Structural Identification of an 18-Story RC Building in Nepal Using Post-Earthquake Ambient Vibration and Lidar Data. Dans: Frontiers in Built Environment, v. 3 (février 2018).


  11. Womble, J. Arn / Wood, Richard L. / Smith, Douglas A. / Louden, Elizabeth I. / Mohammadi, M. Ebrahim: Reality Capture for Tornado Damage to Structures. Présenté pendant: Structures Congress 2017, April 6–8, 2017, Denver, Colorado.


  12. Wittich, Christine E. / Hutchinson, Tara C. / Wood, Richard L. / Seracini, Maurizio / Kuester, Falko (2016): Characterization of Full-Scale, Human-Form, Culturally Important Statues: Case Study. Dans: Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering, v. 30, n. 3 (mai 2016).


  13. Wood, Richard L. / Hutchinson, Tara C. (2014): Design-Oriented Model for Capturing the In-Plane Seismic Response of Partition Walls. Dans: Journal of Structural Engineering (ASCE), v. 140, n. 6 (juin 2014).


  14. Mahrenholtz, Philipp / Wood, Richard L. / Eligehausen, Rolf / Hutchinson, Tara C. / Hoehler, Matthew S. (2017): Development and validation of European guidelines for seismic qualification of post-installed anchors. Dans: Engineering Structures, v. 148 (octobre 2017).


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