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Rebecca Napolitano ORCID

La bibliographie suivante contient toutes les publications répertoriées dans la base de données qui sont reliées à ce nom en tant qu'auteur, éditeur ou collaborateur.

  1. Rahnavard, Rohola / Craveiro, Hélder D. / Laím, Luís / Simões, Rui A. / Napolitano, Rebecca (2021): Numerical investigation on the composite action of cold-formed steel built-up battened columns. Dans: Thin-Walled Structures, v. 162 (mai 2021).


  2. Paulino, Daniele M. S. / Ligler, Heather / Napolitano, Rebecca (2023): A Grammar-Based Approach for Generating Spatial Layout Solutions for the Adaptive Reuse of Sobrado Buildings. Dans: Buildings, v. 13, n. 3 (26 février 2023).


  3. Sheikhi, Javad / Fathi, Mojtaba / Rahnavard, Rohola / Napolitano, Rebecca (2021): Numerical analysis of natural rubber bearing equipped with steel and shape memory alloys dampers. Dans: Structures, v. 32 (août 2021).


  4. Rahnavard, Rohola / Rebelo, Carlos / Craveiro, Hélder D. / Napolitano, Rebecca (2020): Numerical investigation of the cyclic performance of reinforced concrete frames equipped with a combination of a rubber core and a U-shaped metallic damper. Dans: Engineering Structures, v. 225 (décembre 2020).


  5. Rahnavard, Rohola / Rebelo, Carlos / Craveiro, Hélder D. / Napolitano, Rebecca (2020): Understanding the cyclic performance of composite steel-concrete connections on steel bridges. Dans: Engineering Structures, v. 224 (décembre 2020).


  6. Radkia, Sahar / Rahnavard, Rohola / Tuwair, Hesham / Abbas Gandomkar, Farhad / Napolitano, Rebecca (2020): Investigating the effects of seismic isolators on steel asymmetric structures considering soil-structure interaction. Dans: Structures, v. 27 (octobre 2020).


  7. Rahnavard, Rohola / Craveiro, Hélder D. / Napolitano, Rebecca (2020): Static and dynamic stability analysis of a steel-rubber isolator with rubber cores. Dans: Structures, v. 26 (août 2020).


  8. Nav, Mohebollah Agah / Rahnavard, Rohola / Noorzad, Ali / Napolitano, Rebecca (2020): Numerical evaluation of the behavior of ordinary and reinforced stone columns. Dans: Structures, v. 25 (juin 2020).


  9. Napolitano, Rebecca / Glisic, Branko (2020): Hybrid physics‐based modeling and data‐driven method for diagnostics of masonry structures. Dans: Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, v. 35, n. 5 (mai 2020).


  10. Napolitano, Rebecca / Glisic, Branko (2019): Understanding the function of bonding courses in masonry construction: An investigation with mixed numerical methods. Dans: Journal of Cultural Heritage, v. 39 (septembre 2019).


  11. Napolitano, Rebecca / Jennings, Catherine / Feist, Sophia / Rettew, Abigail / Sommers, Grace / Smagh, Hannah / Hicks, Benjamin / Glisic, Branko (2019): Tool development for digital reconstruction: A framework for a database of historic Roman construction materials. Dans: Journal of Cultural Heritage, v. 40 (novembre 2019).


  12. Napolitano, Rebecca / Liu, Zachary / Sun, Carl / Glisic, Branko (2019): Combination of Image-Based Documentation and Augmented Reality for Structural Health Monitoring and Building Pathology. Dans: Frontiers in Built Environment, v. 5 (novembre 2019).


  13. Napolitano, Rebecca / Monce, Michael (2018): Failure at Fidenae: Understanding the site of the largest structural disaster of the Roman world. Dans: Digital Applications in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, v. 10 (septembre 2018).


  14. Napolitano, Rebecca / Glisic, Branko (2019): Methodology for diagnosing crack patterns in masonry structures using photogrammetry and distinct element modeling. Dans: Engineering Structures, v. 181 (février 2019).


  15. Kavanaugh, Corrie / Morris, Isabel Mae / Napolitano, Rebecca / Jorquera-Lucerga, Juan José (2017): Validating the Use of Graphical Thrust Line Analysis for Pier Buttresses: The Case Study of Amiens Cathedral. Dans: International Journal of Architectural Heritage, v. 11, n. 6 ( 2017).


  16. Michiels, Tim / Napolitano, Rebecca / Adriaenssens, Sigrid / Glisic, Branko (2017): Comparison of thrust line analysis, limit state analysis and distinct element modeling to predict the collapse load and collapse mechanism of a rammed earth arch. Dans: Engineering Structures, v. 148 (octobre 2017).


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