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From invention to production: The introduction of prestressed concrete

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Conférence: 6th International Congress on Construction History (6ICCH 2018), July 9-13, 2018, Brussels, Belgium
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Page(s): 409-416
Année: 2018
Abstrait: How do new production methods resulting from inventions develop into practical applications? This case describes the innovation process for prestressed concrete in Denmark from 1939–52. This was achieved through new materials, new production machinery, changed calculation methods, new approval systems of the authorities, and new organizational frameworks around planning. Knowledge was dispersed mainly from Germany and France, and secondarily from Belgium and Sweden. Danish research played no major role. However, there was a lively exchange of experience among engineers. Dr. Techn. Christen Ostenfeld played a special role; he became acquainted with the French developer of prestressed concrete, Eugène Freyssinet. In 1941, Ostenfeld got Freyssinet to design a major bridge. It was not realized, but it resulted in licenses on Freyssinet's patents coming to Denmark. Ostenfeld's consulting and engineering firm (today known as COWI) grew in parallel with the use of prestressed concrete, including the construction of silos around Europe.


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