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The dynamic behaviour of a circular footbridge

The dynamic behaviour of a circular footbridge

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Conférence: Footbridge 2014 - Past, Present & Future, London, 16-18 July 2014
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Année: 2014

The experimental study of the dynamic behaviour of the circular footbridge has been described in the paper . Because of a quite untypical form of the footbridge as well as its lightweight struct ure, a comprehensive tests were carried out in order to assess the main dynamic characteristics and levels of vibration of the footbridge, to compare them with limit values recommended by standards. The measurement of the footbridge dynamic response under human excitation for assessment of comfort criteria was the most important goal of these tests. A conventional modal analysis technique was applied based on ambient vibration tests. The identification of modal parameters, i.e., natural frequencies, vibrati on modes and damping coefficients, of the structure was performed through the above tests. The appropriate degree of comfort with vertical accelerations below 0 50 m/s² for the normal use was identified. However the highest value up to 3 65 m/s² was also m easured for running group of pedestrians. As the probability of such excitation is quite low, the need to develop measures that improve the dynamic behaviour of the footbridge was excluded. The another most interested findings of the research ha ve been out lined in the paper


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