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Discussing the Parking Ways on Different Types of Residential Areas - Taking Jinzhou City as an Example


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Conférence: 2012 International Conference on Civil, Architectural and Hydraulic Engineering (ICCAHE 2012), August 10-12th 2012, Zhangjiajie (China)
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Page(s): 548-552
DOI: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMM.209-211.548

In recent years, the possession of private cars of urban residents in our country has increased quickly, making residential parking problems more serious. That has caused parking inconvenience and confusion environment in residential areas. These problems must be given enough attention when it comes to the building of supporting facilities in urban residential areas. According to the analysis of current standards of residential parking facilities and the characters of parking manners, we take a developing city, Jinzhou, as an example and research the motor vehicle parking status in residential areas, we propose the view that formulating the corresponding parking facilities indicator standards according to different types settlements, solving needs of residents in different types of residential areas in different ways, and the proposal that design of residential areas static transport facilities and parking spaces should reflect humane, intelligent and fair, and have flexible to adapt changes of need in future.


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