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Design of Footbridge over Danube Bay in Novi Sad (Serbia)


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Conférence: Footbridge 2014 - Past, Present & Future, London, 16-18 July 2014
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Année: 2014

The Footway Bridge over Danube Bay in Novi Sad (Serbia) will link the recreation area of Fisherman Island with the urban city district. The bridge alignment is mainly dictated by the required navigation clearance (in main span) of 40m width and 6m height and by relatively flat river banks. The bridge is designed as a steel beam type with orthotropic deck, having three continuous longitudinal plate girders (spaced on 2m), and cross girders (spaced on 3,3m).The total length of the bridge amounts 206m, created by spans: 30m+34m+44m+34m+34m+30m.The bridge structure has a constant depth (1,0m) and width (7,0m: 4.5m for footways and 2m for cycle tracks), except in the main span where width has a parabolic increase (to 11m in the middle) due to rest area with banks. The closed canopy (with central height of 4.5m), covered by PVC membrane, is foreseen in the main span. The piers (with cross section Ø1.5m) have deep foundations, consisting of one bored pile (Ø1.5m) per each pier post. The bridge architecture is characterized by a simplicity of layout form, having a goal not to disturb the views from the surrounding river bay bank walkways to the Danube River and opposite right bank, where it is located the old town with fortress. In the bridge appearance governs a convex silhouette of the deck with its rounded form, including canopies and the cylindrical piers. The dynamic analysis due to pedestrian excitation is treated in the paper and the obtained results are commented at the end.

design pont en acier

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