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Kevin van den Wymelenberg

La bibliographie suivante contient toutes les publications répertoriées dans la base de données qui sont reliées à ce nom en tant qu'auteur, éditeur ou collaborateur.

  1. Mhuireach, Gwynne Á. / Dietz, Leslie / Griffiths, Willem / Horve, Patrick Finn / Laguerre, Aurélie / Northcutt, Dale / Vandegrift, Roo / Gall, Elliott / van den Wymelenberg, Kevin (2021): Differing effects of four building materials on viable bacterial communities and VOCs. Dans: Developments in the Built Environment, v. 7 (juillet 2021).


  2. Hvass, Mette / van den Wymelenberg, Kevin / Boring, Sebastian / Hansen, Ellen Kathrine (2021): Intensity and ratios of light affecting perception of space, co-presence and surrounding context, a lab experiment. Dans: Building and Environment, v. 194 (mai 2021).


  3. Nezamdoost, Amir / van den Wymelenberg, Kevin (2017): A daylighting field study using human feedback and simulations to test and improve recently adopted annual daylight performance metrics. Dans: Journal of Building Performance Simulation, v. 10, n. 5-6 (octobre 2017).


  4. Duarte, Carlos / Budwig, Ralph / van den Wymelenberg, Kevin (2015): Energy and demand implication of using recommended practice occupancy diversity factors compared to real occupancy data in whole building energy simulation. Dans: Journal of Building Performance Simulation, v. 8, n. 6 (novembre 2015).


  5. Djunaedy, Ery / van den Wymelenberg, Kevin / Acker, Brad / Thimmana, Harshana (2011): Oversizing of HVAC system: Signatures and penalties. Dans: Energy and Buildings, v. 43, n. 2-3 (février 2011).


  6. van den Wymelenberg, Kevin (2012): Patterns of occupant interaction with window blinds: A literature review. Dans: Energy and Buildings, v. 51 (août 2012).


  7. Duarte, Carlos / van den Wymelenberg, Kevin / Rieger, Craig (2013): Revealing occupancy patterns in an office building through the use of occupancy sensor data. Dans: Energy and Buildings, v. 67 (décembre 2013).


  8. Mhuireach, Gwynne Á. / Brown, G. Z. / Kline, Jeff / Manandhar, Dristi / Moriyama, Maxwell / Northcutt, Dale / Rivera, Isabel / van den Wymelenberg, Kevin (2020): Lessons learned from implementing night ventilation of mass in a next-generation smart building. Dans: Energy and Buildings, v. 207 (janvier 2020).


  9. Yauk, Michael / Stenson, Jason / Donor, Micah / van den Wymelenberg, Kevin (2020): Evaluating Volatile Organic Compound Emissions from Cross-Laminated Timber Bonded with a Soy-Based Adhesive. Dans: Buildings, v. 10, n. 11 (23 octobre 2020).


  10. Mahic, Alen / Galicinao, Kiara / van den Wymelenberg, Kevin (2017): A pilot daylighting field study: Testing the usefulness of laboratory-derived luminance-based metrics for building design and control. Dans: Building and Environment, v. 113 (février 2017).


  11. Dyke, Christopher / van den Wymelenberg, Kevin / Djunaedy, Ery / Steciak, Judi (2015): Comparing Whole Building Energy Implications of Sidelighting Systems with Alternate Manual Blind Control Algorithms. Dans: Buildings, v. 5, n. 2 (avril 2015).


  12. Stenson, Jason / Ishaq, Suzanne L. / Laguerre, Aurélie / Loia, Andrew / MacCrone, Georgia / Mugabo, Ignace / Northcutt, Dale / Riggio, Mariapaola / Barbosa, Andre / Gall, Elliott T. / van den Wymelenberg, Kevin (2019): Monitored Indoor Environmental Quality of a Mass Timber Office Building: A Case Study. Dans: Buildings, v. 9, n. 6 (juin 2019).


  13. Nezamdoost, Amir / van den Wymelenberg, Kevin / Mahic, Alen (2018): Assessing the energy and daylighting impacts of human behavior with window shades, a life-cycle comparison of manual and automated blinds. Dans: Automation in Construction, v. 92 (août 2018).


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