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Sara Shirowzhan

La bibliographie suivante contient toutes les publications répertoriées dans la base de données qui sont reliées à ce nom en tant qu'auteur, éditeur ou collaborateur.

  1. Yang, Xincong / Yu, Yantao / Shirowzhan, Sara / Sepasgozer, Samad / Li, Heng (2020): Automated PPE-Tool pair check system for construction 2 safety using smart IoT. Dans: Journal of Building Engineering, v. 32 (novembre 2020).


  2. Tahmasebinia, Faham / Sepasgozar, Samad M. E. / Shirowzhan, Sara / Niemelä, Marjo / Tripp, Arthur / Nagabhyrava, Servani / Mansuri, ko ko, Zuheen / Alonso-Marroquin, Fernando (2020): Criteria development for sustainable construction manufacturing in Construction Industry 4.0. Theoretical and laboratory investigations. Dans: Construction Innovation, v. 20, n. 3 (juin 2020).


  3. Shirowzhan, Sara / Sepasgozar, Samad M. E. / Edwards, David J. / Li, Heng / Wang, Chen (2020): BIM compatibility and its differentiation with interoperability challenges as an innovation factor. Dans: Automation in Construction, v. 112 (avril 2020).


  4. Shirowzhan, Sara / Lim, Samsung / Trinder, John (2016): Enhanced Autocorrelation-Based Algorithms for Filtering Airborne Lidar Data over Urban Areas. Dans: Journal of Surveying Engineering (ASCE), v. 142, n. 2 (mai 2016).


  5. Sepasgozar, Samad M. E. / Karimi, Reyhaneh / Shirowzhan, Sara / Mojtahedi, Mohammad / Ebrahimzadeh, Sabbar / McCarthy, David (2019): Delay Causes and Emerging Digital Tools: A Novel Model of Delay Analysis, Including Integrated Project Delivery and PMBOK. Dans: Buildings, v. 9, n. 9 (22 août 2019).


  6. Liu, Chang / Shirowzhan, Sara / Sepasgozar, Samad M. E. / Kaboli, Ali (2019): Evaluation of Classical Operators and Fuzzy Logic Algorithms for Edge Detection of Panels at Exterior Cladding of Buildings. Dans: Buildings, v. 9, n. 2 (février 2019).


  7. Tahmasebinia, Faham / Niemelä, Marjo / Ebrahimzadeh Sepasgozar, Sanee / Lai, Tin / Su, Winson / Reddy, Kakarla / Shirowzhan, Sara / Sepasgozar, Samad / Marroquin, Fernando (2018): Three-Dimensional Printing Using Recycled High-Density Polyethylene: Technological Challenges and Future Directions for Construction. Dans: Buildings, v. 8, n. 11 (novembre 2018).


  8. Shirowzhan, Sara / Sepasgozar, Samad M. E. / Li, Heng / Trinder, John / Tang, Pingbo (2019): Comparative analysis of machine learning and point-based algorithms for detecting 3D changes in buildings over time using bi-temporal lidar data. Dans: Automation in Construction, v. 105 (septembre 2019).


  9. Tao, Xingyu / Li, Heng / Mao, Chao / Wang, Chen / Yap, Jeffrey Boon Hui / Sepasgozar, Samad / Shirowzhan, Sara / Rose, Timothy (2019): Developing Shuffled Frog-Leaping Algorithm (SFLA) Method to Solve Power Load-Constrained TCRTO Problems in Civil Engineering. Dans: Advances in Civil Engineering, v. 2019 ( 2019).


  10. Sepasgozar, Samad M. E. / Forsythe, Perry / Shirowzhan, Sara (2018): Evaluation of Terrestrial and Mobile Scanner Technologies for Part-Built Information Modeling. Dans: Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, v. 144, n. 12 (décembre 2018).


  11. Shirowzhan, Sara / Sepasgozar, Samad M. E. / Li, Heng / Trinder, John (2018): Spatial compactness metrics and Constrained Voxel Automata development for analyzing 3D densification and applying to point clouds: A synthetic review. Dans: Automation in Construction, v. 96 (décembre 2018).



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