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Yasir Ibrahim Shah ORCID

La bibliographie suivante contient toutes les publications répertoriées dans la base de données qui sont reliées à ce nom en tant qu'auteur, éditeur ou collaborateur.

  1. Xu, Wen / Guan, Yunhao / Shah, Yasir Ibrahim / Luo, Rong / Xu, Zhiqiang (2022): Study on curing characteristics of cold-mixed and cold-laid asphalt mixture based on electrical properties. Dans: Construction and Building Materials, v. 330 (mai 2022).


  2. Shah, Yasir Ibrahim / Hu, Zhijian / Du, Ruirui: Stress evaluation of prestressed concrete beam based on cracking and incompatible deformation. Dans: Journal of Civil Structural Health Monitoring.


  3. Hu, Zhijian / Li, Xiao / Shah, Yasir Ibrahim: Simplified Method for Lateral Distribution Factor of the Live Load of Prefabricated Concrete Box-Girder Bridges with Transverse Post-tensioning. Dans: KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering.


  4. Hu, Zhijian / Shah, Yasir Ibrahim / Li, Xiao / Huang, Jianwei: Main Cable Shape of Short Span in Three-Tower Suspension Bridge. Dans: Structural Engineering International.


  5. Shah, Yasir Ibrahim / Hu, Zhijian / Yao, Pengfei (2022): Interface bond strength performance of overlap joints within the corrugated pipes used in prefabricated bridges. Dans: Advances in Structural Engineering, v. 25, n. 6 (février 2022).


  6. Li, Xiao / Hu, Zhijian / Fan, Liang / Shah, Yasir Ibrahim (2019): Experimental investigation of perfobond hoop shear connector’s bearing capacity and slip. Dans: Engineering Structures, v. 198 (novembre 2019).


  7. Deng, Yulin / Guo, Qingkang / Shah, Yasir Ibrahim / Xu, Lueqin (2019): Study on Modal Dynamic Response and Hydrodynamic Added Mass of Water-Surrounded Hollow Bridge Pier with Pile Foundation. Dans: Advances in Civil Engineering, v. 2019 ( 2019).


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