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La bibliographie suivante contient toutes les publications répertoriées dans la base de données qui sont reliées à ce nom en tant qu'auteur, éditeur ou collaborateur.

  1. Yang, Kai / Bai, Yu / Ding, Chenting / Kong, Sih Ying (2021): Comparative study on mechanical performance of bolted joints with steel and fibre reinforced polymer bolts. Dans: Journal of Building Engineering, v. 41 (septembre 2021).


  2. Low, Hin Foo / Kong, Sih Ying / Kong, Daniel (2018): A Review on Prestressed Transfer Plate Analysis and Design. Présenté pendant: IABSE Conference: Engineering the Developing World, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 25-27 April 2018.


  3. Remennikov, Alex M. / Kong, Sih Ying (2012): Numerical simulation and validation of impact response of axially-restrained steel–concrete–steel sandwich panels. Dans: Composite Structures, v. 94, n. 12 (décembre 2012).


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  5. Wong, Leong Sing / Oweida, Ahmed Farid Mahmoud / Kong, Sih Ying / Iqbal, Dawood Muhammad / Regunathan, Praveen (2020): The surface coating mechanism of polluted concrete by Candida ethanolica induced calcium carbonate mineralization. Dans: Construction and Building Materials, v. 257 (octobre 2020).


  6. Chin, Chun On / Yang, Xu / Kong, Sih Ying / Chandra Paul, Suvash / Wong, Leong Sing (2020): Mechanical and thermal properties of lightweight concrete incorporated with activated carbon as coarse aggregate. Dans: Journal of Building Engineering, v. 31 (septembre 2020).


  7. Lee, Zoe Harmonie / Chandra Paul, Suvash / Kong, Sih Ying / Susilawati, Susilawati / Yang, Xu (2019): Modification of Waste Aggregate PET for Improving the Concrete Properties. Dans: Advances in Civil Engineering, v. 2019 ( 2019).


  8. Kong, Sih Ying / Yang, Xu / Lee, Ze Yang (2018): Mechanical performance and numerical simulation of GFRP-concrete composite panel with circular hollow connectors and epoxy adhesion. Dans: Construction and Building Materials, v. 184 (septembre 2018).


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  12. Remennikov, Alex M. / Kong, Sih Ying / Uy, Brian (2011): Response of Foam- and Concrete-Filled Square Steel Tubes under Low-Velocity Impact Loading. Dans: Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities (ASCE), v. 25, n. 5 (octobre 2011).


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