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La bibliographie suivante contient toutes les publications répertoriées dans la base de données qui sont reliées à ce nom en tant qu'auteur, éditeur ou collaborateur.

  1. Lim, Yong-Taek / So, Seung-young / Jang, Hong-seok (2021): Effect of calcination temperature on the light burned MgO matrix and its physical properties. Dans: Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering, v. 21, n. 2 (mars 2021).


  2. Jang, Hong-seok / Ko, Yo-Han / So, Seung-young (2020): Evaluation of fungal growth according to ammonia treated fly ash and characterization of microbial volatile organic compounds release. Dans: Building and Environment, v. 173 (avril 2020).


  3. Jang, Hong-seok / Lim, Yong-Taek / Kang, Je-Hong / So, Seung-young / So, Hyoung-seok (2018): Influence of calcination and cooling conditions on pozzolanic reactivity of paper mill sludge. Dans: Construction and Building Materials, v. 166 (mars 2018).


  4. Jang, Hong-seok / Xing, Shuli (2020): A model to predict ammonia emission using a modified genetic artificial neural network: Analyzing cement mixed with fly ash from a coal-fired power plant. Dans: Construction and Building Materials, v. 230 (janvier 2020).


  5. So, Hyoung-seok / Jang, Hong-seok / Lee, Bo-ram / So, Seung-young (2016): Antifungal performance of BFS mortar with various natural antifungal substances and their physical properties. Dans: Construction and Building Materials, v. 108 (avril 2016).


  6. Jang, Hong-seok / Kang, Hye-seon / So, Seung-young (2013): Color expression characteristics and physical properties of colored mortar using ground granulated blast furnace slag and White Portland Cement. Dans: KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering, v. 18, n. 4 (novembre 2013).


  7. So, Hyoung-seok / Jang, Hong-seok / Khulgadai, Janchivdorj / So, Seung-young (2015): Mechanical properties and microstructure of reactive powder concrete using ternary pozzolanic materials at elevated temperature. Dans: KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering, v. 19, n. 4 (février 2015).


  8. Jang, Hong-seok / Jeon, Seong-hwan / So, Hyoung-seok / So, Seung-young (2014): A study of the possibility of using TFT-LCD waste glass as an admixture for steam-cured PHC piles. Dans: Magazine of Concrete Research, v. 66, n. 4 (février 2014).


  9. Jang, Hong-seok / So, Hyoung-seok / So, Seungyoung (2016): The properties of reactive powder concrete using PP fiber and pozzolanic materials at elevated temperature. Dans: Journal of Building Engineering, v. 8 (décembre 2016).


  10. Jang, Hong-seok / So, Seung-young (2015): The properties of cement-based mortar using different particle size of grinding waste insulator powder. Dans: Journal of Building Engineering, v. 3 (septembre 2015).


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