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La bibliographie suivante contient toutes les publications répertoriées dans la base de données qui sont reliées à ce nom en tant qu'auteur, éditeur ou collaborateur.

  1. Aghasizadeh, Sara / Kari, Behrouz Mohammad / Fayaz, Rima (2022): Thermal performance of balcony thermal bridge solutions in reinforced concrete and steel frame structures. Dans: Journal of Building Engineering, v. 48 (mai 2022).


  2. Mehravar, Maryam / Veshkini, Afsoon / Veiseh, Sohrab / Fayaz, Rima (2022): Physical properties of straw bale and its effect on building energy conservation and carbon emissions in different climatic regions of Iran. Dans: Energy and Buildings, v. 254 (janvier 2022).


  3. Fakhari, Maryam / Fayaz, Rima / Asadi, Somayeh (2021): Lighting preferences in office spaces concerning the indoor thermal environment. Dans: Frontiers of Architectural Research, v. 10, n. 3 (septembre 2021).


  4. Fakhari, Maryam / Vahabi, Vida / Fayaz, Rima (2021): A study on the factors simultaneously affecting visual comfort in classrooms: A structural equation modeling approach. Dans: Energy and Buildings, v. 249 (octobre 2021).


  5. Jalalizadeh, Mohammad / Fayaz, Rima / Delfani, Shahram / Mosleh, Hassan Jafari / Karami, Maryam (2021): Dynamic simulation of a trigeneration system using an absorption cooling system and building integrated photovoltaic thermal solar collectors. Dans: Journal of Building Engineering, v. 43 (novembre 2021).


  6. Rezaian, Elnaz / Amini, Kasra / Matoor, Soha / Milani, Sina A. / Fayaz, Rima (2015): Design and geometrical optimization of the veranda roof pattern with the target of visual comfort in Shāremān as one of the Solar Decathlon China 2013 houses. Dans: Building Simulation, v. 8, n. 3 (mars 2015).


  7. Asadi, Somaye / Fakhari, Maryam / Fayaz, Rima / Mahdaviparsa, Akram (2016): The effect of solar chimney layout on ventilation rate in buildings. Dans: Energy and Buildings, v. 123 (juillet 2016).


  8. Solgi, Ebrahim / Kari, Behrouz Mohammad / Fayaz, Rima / Taheri, Helia (2017): The impact of phase change materials assisted night purge ventilation on the indoor thermal conditions of office buildings in hot-arid climates. Dans: Energy and Buildings, v. 150 (septembre 2017).


  9. Memarian, Sina / Kari, Behrouz Mohammad / Fayaz, Rima / Asadi, Somayeh (2018): Single and combined phase change materials: Their effect on seasonal transition period. Dans: Energy and Buildings, v. 169 (juin 2018).


  10. Salehi, Ali / Fayaz, Rima / Bozorgi, Mehran / Asadi, Somayeh / Costanzo, Vincenzo / Imani, Nadie / Nocera, Francesco (2019): Investigation of thermal comfort efficacy of solar chimneys under different climates and operation time periods. Dans: Energy and Buildings, v. 205 (décembre 2019).


  11. Memarian, Sina / Kari, Behrouz Mohammad / Asadi, Somayeh / Fayaz, Rima (2020): Building Envelope Thermal Mass and Its Effect on Spring and the Autumn Seasonal Transition Period. Dans: Journal of Architectural Engineering (ASCE), v. 26, n. 2 (juin 2020).


  12. Derazgisou, SeyedAli / Bausys, Romualdas / Fayaz, Rima (2018): Computational Optimization of Housing Complexes Forms To Enhance Energy Efficiency. Dans: Journal of Civil Engineering and Management, v. 24, n. 3 (juin 2018).


  13. Babaee, Faezeh / Fayaz, Rima / Sarshar, Marjan (2014): The optimum design of sunspaces in apartment blocks in cold climate. Dans: Architectural Science Review, v. 59, n. 3 (novembre 2014).


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