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La bibliographie suivante contient toutes les publications répertoriées dans la base de données qui sont reliées à ce nom en tant qu'auteur, éditeur ou collaborateur.

  1. Lu, Rong / Ma, Fengshan / Zhao, Jie / Wang, Jianbo / Li, Guilin / Dai, Bing (2021): Monitoring and Analysis of Stress Distribution of the Interaction between Rock and Backfill and the Influence of Geometric Features of the Backfill Boundary. Dans: Advances in Civil Engineering, v. 2021 (janvier 2021).


  2. Dai, Bing / Wang, Peng / Wang, Tian-Yi / You, Cheng-Wu / Yang, Zhen-Gang / Wang, Ke-Jia / Liu, Jin-Song (2017): Improved terahertz nondestructive detection of debonds locating in layered structures based on wavelet transform. Dans: Composite Structures, v. 168 (mai 2017).


  3. Lu, Rong / Ma, Fengshan / Zhao, Jie / Wang, Jianbo / Li, Guilin / Dai, Bing (2020): Analysis and Monitoring of Small-Scale Rock Fracture Zone Deformation and Shaft Failure in a Metal Mine. Dans: Advances in Civil Engineering, v. 2020 (janvier 2020).


  4. Dai, Bing / Luo, Xinyao / Chen, Li / Tian, Yakun / Zhang, Zhijun / Chen, Ying / Shan, Qiwei (2020): Analysis of the Damage Characteristics and Energy Dissipation of Rocks with a Vertical Hole under Cyclic Impact Loads. Dans: Advances in Civil Engineering, v. 2020 (janvier 2020).


  5. Ye, Fei / Qin, Nan / Gao, Xiang / Quan, Xue-yong / Qin, Xian-zhuo / Dai, Bing (2019): Shield Equipment Optimization and Construction Control Technology in Water-Rich and Sandy Cobble Stratum: A Case Study of the First Yellow River Metro Tunnel Undercrossing. Dans: Advances in Civil Engineering, v. 2019 ( 2019).


  6. Dai, Bing / Zhao, Guoyan / Konietzky, H. / Wasantha, P. L. P. (2018): Experimental and Numerical Study on the Damage Evolution Behaviour of Granitic Rock during Loading and Unloading. Dans: KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering, v. 22, n. 9 (avril 2018).


  7. Liang, Weizhang / Zhao, Guoyan / Wu, Hao / Dai, Bing (2019): Risk assessment of rockburst via an extended MABAC method under fuzzy environment. Dans: Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, v. 83 (janvier 2019).


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