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La bibliographie suivante contient toutes les publications répertoriées dans la base de données qui sont reliées à ce nom en tant qu'auteur, éditeur ou collaborateur.

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  2. Yang, Yi / Yang, Hui / Cheng, Yi (2021): Why is it crucial to evaluate the fairness of natural capital consumption in urban agglomerations in terms of ecosystem services and economic contribution?. Dans: Sustainable Cities and Society, v. 65 (février 2021).


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  4. Li, Hailin / Zhang, Kaifu / Cheng, Hui / Suo, Haoyuan / Cheng, Yi / Hu, Junshan (2019): Multi-stage mechanical behavior and failure mechanism analysis of CFRP/Al single-lap bolted joints with different seawater ageing conditions. Dans: Composite Structures, v. 208 (janvier 2019).


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  8. Zou, Chunjiang / Chen, Zhengzhou / Dong, Ping / Chen, Changhe / Cheng, Yi (2016): Experimental and Numerical Studies on Nondestructive Evaluation of Grout Quality in Tendon Ducts Using Impact-Echo Method. Dans: Journal of Bridge Engineering (ASCE), v. 21, n. 2 (février 2016).


  9. Cheng, Yi / Hongqiang, Ma / Hongyu, Chen / Jiaxin, Wang / Jing, Shi / Zonghui, Li / Mingkai, Yu (2018): Preparation and characterization of coal gangue geopolymers. Dans: Construction and Building Materials, v. 187 (octobre 2018).


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