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Arianna Brambilla

La bibliographie suivante contient toutes les publications répertoriées dans la base de données qui sont reliées à ce nom en tant qu'auteur, éditeur ou collaborateur.

  1. Strang, Marcus / Leardini, Paola / Brambilla, Arianna / Gasparri, Eugenia (2021): Mass Timber Envelopes in Passivhaus Buildings: Designing for Moisture Safety in Hot and Humid Australian Climates. Dans: Buildings, v. 11, n. 10 (22 septembre 2021).


  2. Brambilla, Arianna / Gasparri, Eugenia (2021): Mould Growth Models and Risk Assessment for Emerging Timber Envelopes in Australia: A Comparative Study. Dans: Buildings, v. 11, n. 6 (21 mai 2021).


  3. Cozza, Stefano / Chambers, Jonathan / Brambilla, Arianna / Patel, Martin K. (2021): In search of optimal consumption: A review of causes and solutions to the energy performance gap in residential buildings. Dans: Energy and Buildings, v. 249 (octobre 2021).


  4. Omidvar, Amir / Brambilla, Arianna (2021): A novel theoretical method for predicting the effects of lighting colour temperature on physiological responses and indoor thermal perception. Dans: Building and Environment, v. 203 (octobre 2021).


  5. Brambilla, Arianna / Jusselme, Thomas (2017): Preventing overheating in offices through thermal inertial properties of compressed earth bricks: A study on a real scale prototype. Dans: Energy and Buildings, v. 156 (décembre 2017).


  6. Brambilla, Arianna / Bonvin, Jerome / Flourentzou, Flourentzos / Jusselme, Thomas (2018): Life cycle efficiency ratio: A new performance indicator for a life cycle driven approach to evaluate the potential of ventilative cooling and thermal inertia. Dans: Energy and Buildings, v. 163 (mars 2018).


  7. Brambilla, Arianna / Salvalai, Graziano / Imperadori, Marco / Sesana, Marta Maria (2018): Nearly zero energy building renovation: From energy efficiency to environmental efficiency, a pilot case study. Dans: Energy and Buildings, v. 166 (mai 2018).


  8. Brambilla, Arianna / Hu, Wenye / Samangouei, Reza / Cadorin, Rebecca / Davis, Wendy (2020): How correlated colour temperature manipulates human thermal perception and comfort. Dans: Building and Environment, v. 177 (juin 2020).


  9. Brambilla, Arianna / Bonvin, Jerome / Flourentzou, Flourentzos / Jusselme, Thomas (2018): On the Influence of Thermal Mass and Natural Ventilation on Overheating Risk in Offices. Dans: Buildings, v. 8, n. 4 (mars 2018).


  10. Brambilla, Arianna / Salvalai, Graziano / Tonelli, Chiara / Imperadori, Marco (2017): Comfort analysis applied to the international standard “Active House”: The case of RhOME, the winning prototype of Solar Decathlon 2014. Dans: Journal of Building Engineering, v. 12 (juillet 2017).


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