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La bibliographie suivante contient toutes les publications répertoriées dans la base de données qui sont reliées à ce nom en tant qu'auteur, éditeur ou collaborateur.

  1. Bai, Li / He, Zijian / Ni, Shenyang / Chen, Wanyue / Li, Na / Sun, Siyue (2019): Investigation of PM2.5 absorbed with heavy metal elements, source apportionment and their health impacts in residential houses in the North-east region of China. Dans: Sustainable Cities and Society, v. 51 (novembre 2019).


  2. Bai, Li / Chen, Wanyue / He, Zijian / Sun, Siyue / Qin, Jia (2020): Pollution characteristics, sources and health risk assessment of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in PM2.5 in an office building in northern areas, China. Dans: Sustainable Cities and Society, v. 53 (février 2020).


  3. Bai, Li / He, Zijian / Li, Chunhui / Chen, Zhao (2020): Investigation of yearly indoor/outdoor PM2.5 levels in the perspectives of health impacts and air pollution control: Case study in Changchun, in the northeast of China. Dans: Sustainable Cities and Society, v. 53 (février 2020).


  4. Chen, Wanyue / Ding, Yan / Bai, Li / Sun, Yuexia (2020): Research on occupants’ window opening behavior in residential buildings based on the survival model. Dans: Sustainable Cities and Society, v. 60 (septembre 2020).


  5. Huang, Xu-Hao / Yang, Jian / Bai, Li / Wang, Xing-er / Ren, Xin (2020): Theoretical solutions for auxetic laminated beam subjected to a sudden load. Dans: Structures, v. 28 (décembre 2020).


  6. Wang, Feiliang / Yang, Jian / Azim, Iftikhar / Bai, Li / Ma, Yanling (2020): Experimental and numerical evaluations of the distribution and effect of roll-forming residual stress on CFS sigma beams. Dans: Journal of Constructional Steel Research, v. 167 (avril 2020).


  7. Lv, Yukun / Zhao, Xuerou / Shi, Tuo / Bai, Li / Liu, XiuLan / Chen, Jian (2019): Microstructure evolution of 400 MPa class rebar produced by QST and VNM technology under the high strain and low cycle fatigue. Dans: Construction and Building Materials, v. 229 (décembre 2019).


  8. Bai, Li / Wadee, M. Ahmer (2016): Slenderness effects in thin-walled I-section struts susceptible to local–global mode interaction. Dans: Engineering Structures, v. 124 (octobre 2016).


  9. Wang, Feiliang / Zhang, Hanwen / Yang, Jian / Bai, Li / Ren, Chong (2018): Numerical Studies of the Rotational Stiffness of Purlin–Sheeting System. Dans: International Journal of Steel Structures, v. 18, n. 3 ( 2018).


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