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Marina Barrage - A Unique 3-in-1 Project in Singapore


Médium: article de revue
Langue(s): en 
Publié dans: Structural Engineering International, , n. 1, v. 19
Page(s): 17-21
DOI: 10.2749/101686609787398399

The Marina Barrage (MB), located in the southern part of Singapore, is an innovative and cost-effective engineering solution to meet Singapore's needs for water supply, while providing flood control and recreational possibilities. The barrage spans across the 350 m wide Marina Channel and the resulting reservoir will be fed by waterways upstream such as the Singapore River, Geylang River and Kallang River. By keeping seawater out, the water in the reservoir will eventually turn into freshwater. The MB is much more than a dam; it has a 3-in-1 concept. The barrage is designed for flood control. It will act as a barrier against the sea and stop high tide from flooding low-lying parts of the city such as Chinatown, Boat Quay, Jalan Besar and Geylang. During heavy rain, steel gates are opened to allow excess stormwater into the sea when the tide is low. However, when it is not possible to do so during high tide, the drainage pumps capable of pumping up to 280 m³/s are activated to pump out excess stormwater out to sea. With the barrage in place, these pockets of low-lying areas are no longer prone to flooding. With the completion of the Marina Barrage, the Marina Reservoir is the 15th reservoir in Singapore and has the largest and most urbanized catchment at 10,000 hectares or one-sixth the size of Singapore. This will help increase the existing water catchments from half to two-thirds of Singapore together with the expected completion of the Punggol Reservoir and Serangoon Reservoir by 2011. The freshwater will then be treated using advanced membrane technology to ensure that it is safe for drinking. As the water in the Marina Reservoir will no longer be subjected to tidal influence, its water level will be kept relatively constant all year round. This makes the reservoir an ideal venue for all kinds of recreational activities such as boating, windsurfing and water skiing. Colourful water-based performances, thrilling water sports competitions and river taxis plying between waterfront attractions will bring an attractive new lifestyle experience for all to enjoy.

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