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Action protocols for seismic evaluation of structures and damage restoration of residential buildings in Andalusia (Spain): “IT-Sismo” APP


Médium: article de revue
Langue(s): anglais
Publié dans: Buildings, , n. 5, v. 9
Page(s): 104
DOI: 10.3390/buildings9050104

The seismotectonic conditions of the Iberian Peninsula trigger the occurrence of earthquakes with an occasional periodicity, but with intensities greater than VI on the European macroseismic scale (EMS). For this reason, local action protocols are required in order to efficiently organise the technical inspections that must be carried out on a massive scale after events such as the earthquakes experienced in the Spanish cities of Lorca (2011) and Melilla (2016). This paper proposes the development of a set of documents for the evaluation and diagnosis of the state of existing buildings and infrastructure regarding seismic activity in Andalusia. With special attention paid to residential typology, approximations have been carried out to the normative context, to general comparatives, to particular analyses of a case studies selection, and to complementary approaches. The results have led to the establishment of two specific protocols. Firstly, the short-term guideline enables the classification of damage and risk levels, and the determination of what immediate interventions should be carried out through the generation of a preliminary on-site report. This activity can be performed by architects and engineers with the help of a mobile-device application (APP IT-Sismo Andalucía). Additionally, a long-term protocol provides calculation procedures and constructive solutions for the improvement of the seismic behaviour of affected buildings. Specially designed tests demonstrate the validity of the protocols and illustrate the need for information and communication technologies (ICT) tools in the evaluation of architectonic technical aspects.

Copyright: © 2019 by the authors; licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland.

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