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Longitudinal bridge systems: List

The database currently contains a total of 23123 structures in this category.

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# Name Year Location Status
1 't Groentje 2013 Nijmegen Netherlands in use
2 "Alpine Pass" inside the Erwin Hymer Museum 2011 Bad Waldsee (BW) Germany in use
3 "Rotes Steigle" Bridge 2016 Sindelfingen (BW) Germany in use
4 "Spring" Footbridge 2015 Mogilany (MA) Poland in use
5 "Summer" Footbridge Mogilany (MA) Poland project phase
6 "Winter" Footbridge Mogilany (MA) Poland project phase
7 100th Street Bridge 1927 Chicago (IL) USA in use
8 104th Avenue Bridge 1964 Chicago (IL) USA in use
9 105 Street Bridge 1913 Edmonton (AB) Canada in use
10 1050th Avenue Bridge 1922 Adams County (IL) USA in use
11 106th Street Bridge 1928 Chicago (IL) USA in use
12 112th Street Bridge 1996 Troy (NY) USA in use
13 112th Street Bridge 1996 Cohoes (NY) USA in use
14 112th Street Bridge 1996 in use
15 112th Street Bridge 1996 - Lansingburgh (NY) USA in use
16 125th Street Subway Station (Broadway – Seventh Avenue Line) 1904 New York (NY) USA in use
17 125th Street Viaduct New York (NY) USA in use
18 127th Street Bridge 1968 Crestwood (IL) USA in use
19 130th Street Bridge 1949 Chicago (IL) USA in use
20 145th Street Bridge 1905 New York (NY) USA in use
21 14th Street Viaduct Hoboken (NJ) USA in use
22 15th Street Overpass (York Subway) 1938 York (NE) USA in use
23 17th of June Bridge Hamburg (HH) Germany in use
24 17th Street Bridge 2003 Atlanta (GA) USA in use
25 17th Street Causeway Bridge Fort Lauderdale (FL) USA in use
26 18th Street Bridge 1967 Chicago (IL) USA in use
27 1e Kanaalsbrug 1895 Leeuwarden Netherlands in use
28 1st of July Bridge Madeira Portugal in use
29 200th Street Bridge 2003 Langley (BC) Canada in use
30 21st Street Bridge 1932 Tulsa (OK) USA demolished
31 22 of August Bridge 1867 Albi (81) France in use
32 26th Street Bridge 1936 East Saint Louis (IL) USA in use
33 26th Street Los Angeles River Bridge 1926 Vernon (CA) USA in use
34 29th Street Bridge Baltimore (MD) USA in use
35 3D Bridge 2016 Alcobendas Spain in use
36 470 Odra River Bridge 2009 Ostrava Czechia in use
37 4708/C203 Bridge 2009 Ostrava Czechia in use
38 51st Street Bridge 1952 Tulsa (OK) USA demolished
39 60 Years of Victory Bridge 2005 Omsk Russia in use
40 69th Street Transfer Bridge New York (NY) USA out of service
41 6th of October Bridge 1996 Cairo Egypt in use
42 7th Avenue Pedestrian Bridge (N1) 2010 Johannesburg South Africa in use
43 8th Street Bridge Sioux Falls (SD) USA in use
44 95th Street Bridge 1958 Chicago (IL) USA in use
45 96th Street Bridge Tulsa (OK) USA - Jenks (OK) USA in use
46 9th of October Bridge 1989 Valencia Spain in use
47 A 1 Footbridge Limassol Cyprus in use
48 A 1 Lenne Bridge 2009 Hagen (NRW) Germany in use
49 A 11 Bascule Bridge Bruges Belgium in use
50 A 113 Teltowkanal Bridge 2004 Berlin (BE) Germany in use
51 A 12 Footbridge 1999 Veenendaal Netherlands in use
52 A 17 Mondego River Bridge Marinha Grande Portugal - Mira Portugal in use
53 A 2 Tramway Bridge 2006 Valenciennes (59) France in use
54 A 20 Elbe-Lübeck Canal Bridge 2000 Lübeck (SH) Germany in use
55 A 20 Trave Bridge Lübeck (SH) Germany in use
56 A 231 Carrión River Bridge Carrión de los Condes Spain in use
57 A 25 Motorway Bridge 2011 Montreal (QC) Canada - Laval (QC) Canada in use
58 A 26 Po River Bridge 1976 Casale Monferrato (PM) Italy in use
59 A 30 Werre East Bridge 2012 Bad Oeynhausen (NRW) Germany completed
60 A 30 Werre West Bridge 2012 Löhne (NRW) Germany completed
61 A 31 Lippe River Bridge 1981 Dorsten (NRW) Germany in use
62 A 35 Motorwy Bridge Rixheim (68) France in use
63 A 38/B 2 Junction Bridge 2006 Markkleeberg (SN) Germany in use
64 A 395 Río Genil Bridge Granada Spain in use
65 A 43 Bridge across Ruhr and Mühlengraben 1969 Witten (NRW) Germany in use
66 A 64 Overpass 2007 Ibos (65) France in use
67 A 9 Red Main Bridge Bayreuth (BY) Germany in use
68 A Laxe Footbridge Vigo Spain in use
69 A-016 Overpass 2000 Poland Poland in use
70 A-031 Overpass 2000 Poland Poland in use
71 A-037 Overpass 2000 Poland Poland in use
72 A-1 Footbridge Madrid Spain in use
73 A-12 Ebro River Bridge 2015 Logroño Spain - Viana Spain in use
74 A-30 Beauharnois Canal Bridge 2011 Beauharnois (QC) Canada - Salaberry-de-Valleyfield (QC) Canada in use
75 A-491 Elevated Road Bridge El Puerto de Santa María Spain in use
76 A-5 Guadiana River Bridge Mérida Spain in use
77 A-5 Tajo River Bridge 1997 Almaraz Spain in use
78 A-6 Footbridge Madrid Spain in use
79 A-6 Miño River Bridge 1999 Outeiro de Rei Spain - Rábade Spain in use
80 A-6 Rio Manzanares Bridge Madrid Spain in use
81 A-8 Cadagua River Viaduct Bilbao Spain - Barakaldo Spain in use
82 A-8 Directional Ramp Bridge Bilbao Spain in use
83 A-8 Exit 115A Ramp Bridge Bilbao Spain in use
84 A. A. Hadley Memorial Bridge 1925 Honeydew (CA) USA in use
85 A. Murray Mackay Bridge 1970 Halifax (NS) Canada in use
86 A. W. Willis. Jr. Bridge 1987 Memphis (TN) USA in use
87 A1 Motorway Bridge 1961 Florence (TC) Italy in use
88 A1 Motorway Bridge 1997 Salzburg (SBG) Austria in use
89 A1 Reno River Bridge 2006 Sasso Marconi (ER) Italy in use
90 A1 Trancão River Bridge Sacavem Portugal - Bobadela Portugal in use
91 A1 Tyne River Bridge 2004 Dunbar (GB-SCT) United Kingdom in use
92 A10 Loire River Bridge 1972 Tours (37) France - Saint-Pierre-des-Corps (37) France in use
93 A10-N20 Junction Bridge 1971 Massy (91) France in use
94 A127 Basildon Bridge Basildon (GB-ENG) United Kingdom project phase
95 A14/A24 Motorway Junction Bridge 2015 Wöbbelin (MV) Germany in use
96 A16 Cable-Stayed Overpass 2007 Allonne (60) France in use
97 A19 Tees Viaduct 1975 Middlesbrough (GB-ENG) United Kingdom - Stockton-on-Tees (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
98 A19/A20 Junction Bridge 1999 Dummerstorf (MV) Germany in use
99 A2 Mur Bridge Feldkirchen bei Graz (STM) Austria - Murfeld (STM) Austria in use
100 A2 Overpass Riga Latvia in use