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Retrofitting unreinforced masonry by steel fiber reinforced mortar coating: uniaxial and diagonal compression tests


Medium: journal article
Language(s): English
Published in: Materials and Structures, , n. 6, v. 53
DOI: 10.1617/s11527-020-01574-w

Thin layers of mortar reinforced with steel fibers can be applied on one or both sides of bearing walls as an effective seismic strengthening of existing masonry buildings. To assess the effectiveness of this technique, an experimental study on masonry sub-assemblages was carried out at the University of Brescia. This paper summarizes and discusses the main results of the investigation, which included mechanical characterization tests on masonry and its components as well as on the Steel Fiber Reinforced Mortar (SFRM) used to retrofit the masonry samples. Uniaxial and diagonal compression tests were carried out on both unstrengthened wallets and masonry samples retrofitted with 25 mm thick SFRM coating. Both single-sided and double-sided retrofitting configurations for application on wall surfaces were considered. The results highlighted the ability of the technique to improve the compressive and the shear behavior of masonry, even in case of single-sided strengthening. Moreover, no premature debonding of coating was observed. Lastly, the manuscript presents the results of a numerical investigation that was performed both to simulate the diagonal compression tests described in the first part of the paper and to predict the response of panels with different strengthening configurations.

Copyright: © The Author(s) 2020

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