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The structure of Namics Headquarters, St. Gallen (CH)


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Tagung: Interfaces: Architecture, Engineering, Science, Annual Meeting of the International Association of Shell & Spatial Structures (IASS), Hamburg, 25-27 September 2017
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Jahr: 2017
Abstrakt: An unusual floor structural system represents the main feature of the structure of the new headquarters of Namics in St. Gallen, Switzerland. Accounting for building use, a lightweight folded plate composed of 6 V-shaped concrete waves was conceived in order to avoid interposed vertical structures, realizing wide and bright open-spaced floor plans. Despite a span of nearly 13 m, this formresistant structure is characterized by a thickness of only 15 cm at the midspan, which lineary increase up to 23 cm next the supports. The overall height of 66 cm of the cross-section, together with a bounded post-tensioning system and the ribs placed in correspondence to crests and troughs of the waves provide the necessary stiffness to the system, limiting vertical displacement values under service conditions.

Moreover, the choice of a fair-faced reinforced concrete structure, besides material unity, provides an ideal thermal comfort to interior working spaces due to the relevant high thermal inertia. The control of the internal temperature of the building is made by an efficient TABS (Thermally Activated Building Systems), whose pipes were placed inside the lower concrete cover of the folded plates. All the other technical components (electrical, network, sanitary and ventilation systems) are housed inside a raised floor which exploits the variable height of the above-mentioned horizontal structure. Thus, the extremely lightweight architectural and structural solutions designed accomplish the further goals of optimize the available spaces and of reduce the environmental impact by saving construction material and energy as well.

Another peculiarity of the building is the roof structure: a remarkable 39.45 m long steel box girder spanning lengthwise between the couple of lateral service cores. In this way, continuous glass curtain walls could be realized, ensuring an optimal natural lighting to the restaurant placed at the top floor.

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