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Shape Optimization to Reduce Wind Pressure on the Surfaces of a Rectangular Building with Horizontal Limbs


Medium: Fachartikel
Sprache(n): Englisch
Veröffentlicht in: Periodica Polytechnica Civil Engineering
DOI: 10.3311/ppci.16888

The present study consists of shape optimization of a rectangular plan shaped tall building with horizontal limbs under wind attack, which would minimize the wind pressure on all the faces of the building model simultaneously. For the purpose, the external pressure coefficients on different faces of the building (Cpe) are selected as the objective functions. The position of the limbs and the wind incidence angle are taken as design variables. The design of experiment (DOE) is done using random sampling. The values of the objective functions are obtained by using Computational Fluid Dynamics method of simulated wind flow at each design point. The building model has a constant plan area 22500 mm². The length and velocity scales are taken as 1:300 and 1:5, respectively. The results are used to construct the surrogate models of the objective functions using Response Surface Approximation method. The optimization study is done using the Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm. The building shapes corresponding to the Pareto optimal decision variables are shown. The function values corresponding to the decision variables are verified by further introducing a CFD study.

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