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A new footbridge for Venice in substitution of “Ponte delle Vacche”


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Tagung: Footbridge 2014 - Past, Present & Future, London, 16-18 July 2014
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Jahr: 2014

This paper will present a recent design experience by prof. Enzo Siviero’s project team. The topic is the proposal for a new footbridge in Venice in substitution of an ancient steel footbridge called “Ponte delle Vacche” (cows footbridge).

The footbridge will connect two sides of Cannareggio canal, situated just on the left side of the railway station, a very visible location which needs a noteworthy realization. So, the local government started a tender to select the designer, and this project was presented.

Considering the relevance of the context, unique all around the world, and the relevance of the work, a lot of requirements were required, like best landscape solution and best technical solution in order to reduce maintenance costs, and the best solution to solve a problem of altitude difference between the two sides, with respect to disabled people.

The result is a modern interpretation of an historical steel truss beam, in fact the old bridge was considered as a reference during the design process, but a modern conceptual design leads to a very interesting solution, in terms of architectural and structural efficiency. Some advanced technical solutions were proposed in order to reduce maintenance costs, like the use of stainless steel and the concept of an integral solution without joints or bearings, elements typically affected by durability problems.

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