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Tagung: Footbridge 2014 - Past, Present & Future, London, 16-18 July 2014
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Jahr: 2014

The pedestrian bridge is located in an area of exceptional natural beauty, 20 km north of Lugano, in southern Switzerland.

While planning this new bridge connection, special attention was given to the environmental setting, in particular to the morphology of the ancient footpaths which were used before the channelling of the meandering river in modern times. The study of the pathway led to a “wavy solution” connecting the non-aligned, end abutments, while respecting the chosen criterion of crossing the river perpendicularly.

"It is not the destination but the journey..."

The aim of crossing the river with a single span suggested the use of an arch, tilted upstream in order to counterbalance the curvilinear shape of the deck. The two hundred meter long steel structure provides a completely free and unimpeded downstream view. While crossing the footbridge, new and ever-changing views are revealed, generating an harmonious experience in tune with the surrounding landscape. With ist curved form, the path has a playful character that stimulates curiosity and generates surprise. The arrival point on the opposite bank is seen only after crossing about 2/3 of the bridge, well beyond the central point of the river.

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