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Dynamic properties of inclined arch footbridge with FRP deck

Medium: Tagungsbeitrag
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Tagung: Footbridge 2005 (Second International Congress), Venezia, 06-08 December 2005
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Jahr: 2005

This paper summarizes MSc thesis presented on 23.06.2004 at Institute of Roads and Bridges, Warsaw University of Technology under supervision of prof. H. Zobel. Paper covers dynamic design and optimization of the steel arch pedestrian bridge with composite polymer deck. Presented work is effect of additional studies which were aimed in enhancing the comfort of pedestrians due to dynamic properties of the structure.

The paper is divided into two major parts related to two classes of dynamic actions on the footbridge. First one is related to pedestrian induced vibrations while the second covers related to dynamic actions due to air impact from trucks traveling underneath.

Rayleigh formulation of vibration problem (energy based) was used to develop a method of adjusting mass and stiffness distribution within the structure. Kinetic and strain energy localizations were obtained for strategic mode shapes, what allowed for precise selection of modified elements. The developed method of mass and stiffness adjustment may be used for arbitrary structure if a proper FEM model is available.

The dynamic effect associated with loading from compression wave traveling with truck passing under the footbridge was studied. 2D and 3D transient CFD calculations with moving meshes were performed using Fluent CFD software. Two truck - trailer configurations, three truck speeds, three structural clearances and three configurations of truck convoys (for periodic excitations) were tested.

Stichworte: CFD


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