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Chillon Viaduct Deck Slab Strengthening using Reinforced UHPFRC: Numerical Simulation of Full-Scale Tests


Medium: Tagungsbeitrag
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Tagung: 4th International Conference on Concrete Repair, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting (ICCRRR-4), 5-7 October 2015 Leipzig, Germany
Jahr: 2015
Abstrakt: Recent examination of structural performance of the Chillon Viaduct in Switzerland built in 1969, showed that punching failure mode of the deck slab is prevailing, though structural safety requirements currently can be fulfilled. Since the concrete is prone to alkali aggregate reaction (AAR), the viaduct was strengthened by adding a layer of ultra-high performance fiber reinforced cement composite material additionally reinforced with steel rebars (R-UHPFRC) on the top surface of the deck slab. To validate the strengthening method, full-scale tests up to failure on specimens representing zones between and above the girder webs were conducted, as presented in a companion paper. This full paper reports on the results from non-linear finite-element analysis (FEA) of the experimental results, targeting at verifying the effectiveness of the strengthening method using R-UHPFRC and at calibrating the FEA model with respect to the verification of the ultimate resistance and the structural safety level of the strengthened deck slab of the Chillon Viaduct. It is shown that 3D FE-analysis effectively simulates with sufficient accuracy the structural behavior of the tested slab elements.

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