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Two-Temperature Generalized Thermo-Elastic Medium Thermally Excited by Time Exponentially Decaying Laser Pulse


Medium: Fachartikel
Sprache(n): Englisch
Veröffentlicht in: International Journal of Structural Stability and Dynamics, , n. 3, v. 16
Seite(n): 1450102
DOI: 10.1142/s0219455414501028

This paper deals with a two-temperature thermoelastic material subjected to a laser heating pulse as the heat source. Closed form solutions for the temperature and stress fields due to time exponentially decaying laser pulse are presented using the state-space approach. The Laplace transformation method is employed in deriving the governing equations. The inversion of Laplace transform is obtained numerically by using the Riemann-sum approximation method. The results have been presented in figures to show the effect of the time exponentially decaying laser pulse, the two-temperature parameter and the absorption coefficient on all the fields studied. The results show that the two-temperature parameter and the absorption coefficient parameter have significant effects on all the field parameters studied.

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