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Innovación educativa en la enseñanza de la geología mediante nuevas tecnologías = Educational innovation in the teaching of Geology using new technologies


Medium: Fachartikel
Sprache(n): Englisch, Spanisch
Veröffentlicht in: Advances in Building Education / Innovación Educativa en la Edificación, , n. 1, v. 2
Seite(n): 97
DOI: 10.20868/abe.2018.1.3696
Abstrakt: One of the most useful ways to promote learning occurs when it is done visually and, even more, in a practical way.Learning Geology requires, in addition to the conceptual and theoretical knowledge, a skill that is primarily achieved with practice in nature to understand forms and structures. Therefore, the teaching of geology and associated disciplines, requires carrying out internships in field. However, given the budget and temporal limitations of the programs, we consider that the number of field practices is not what would be desirable. This paper deals with the new teaching and learning approaches through the use of new technologies (ITC). The main objective is to bring the geological aspects of Nature to students using ITC. For this purpose, we developed several individual and group teaching and learning techniques using geological images in various subjects of the E.T.S.I. Minas y Energía de Madrid. Thus, this paper presents the changes in the teaching methodology in order to improve learning based on the student's personal practical work. To this end, a wide collection of geological images cataloged by theme was developed, in order to be used both in classes (theoretical and practical) but, mainly in evaluation questionnaires developed in “moodle”. We introduced teaching techniques to work on images. In this case, the student had to explain to others the geological structure that appeared on the slide, being subjected to their questions and possible corrections. Likewise, the students recorded videos in the field in which they explained geological concepts at various scales. In this way it was intended that the student acquire geological knowledge and the habit of expressing with a technical language. These new approaches have produced an increase in motivation and acquisition of geological knowledge of students, being reflected in the polls and accompanied by an improvement in grades.

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