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Cable Corrosion in Bridges and Other Structures


Medium: Buch
Sprache(n): en 
ISBN-10: 0784400148
Verlag: ASCE Press
Veröffentlicht in: New York, USA
Seite(n): 225
Jahr: 1996

This book provides the reader with basic facts concerning cable corrosion and means to avoid or rehabilitate corrosion damage. Corrosion problems associated with cable-supported structures tend to be unique and must be examined on an individual basis. They are highly dependent on specific structural configurations and details, on maintenance and operational practices, and on local environmental conditions. In order to combat corrosive attacks and failures, it is important to have some knowledge about the manufacture of the material, the method of fabrication and construction of cables, their potential for exposure to various forms of corrosive attack, and steps and materials available to avoid or mitigate such corrosion. This book is based on many years of involvement in the design, construction and inspection of cable-supported structures, and interviews with bridge operators, wire rope engineers and corrosion experts. A series of case histories provides examples of corrosion problems and remedial operations.

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