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Giacomo Torelli ORCID

Die folgende Bibliografie enthält alle in dieser Datenbank indizierten Veröffentlichungen, die mit diesem Namen als Autor, Herausgeber oder anderweitig Beitragenden verbunden sind.

  1. Torelli, Giacomo / Lees, Janet M. (2019): Functionally graded concrete elements composed of vertical layers of different mixes. Vorgetragen bei: IABSE Symposium: Towards a Resilient Built Environment Risk and Asset Management, Guimarães, Portugal, 27-29 March 2019.


  2. Torelli, Giacomo / Lees, Janet M. (2020): Interface bond strength of lightweight low-cement functionally layered concrete elements. In: Construction and Building Materials, v. 249 (Juli 2020).


  3. Torelli, Giacomo / Gillie, Martin / Mandal, Parthasarathi / Draup, Jefri / Tran, Van-Xuan (2020): A moisture-dependent thermomechanical constitutive model for concrete subjected to transient high temperatures. In: Engineering Structures, v. 210 (Mai 2020).


  4. Torelli, Giacomo / Fernández, Mar Giménez / Lees, Janet M. (2020): Functionally graded concrete: Design objectives, production techniques and analysis methods for layered and continuously graded elements. In: Construction and Building Materials, v. 242 (Mai 2020).


  5. Torelli, Giacomo / d'Ayala, Dina / Betti, Michele / Bartoli, Gianni (2019): Analytical and numerical seismic assessment of heritage masonry towers. In: Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering, v. 18, n. 3 (Oktober 2019).


  6. Bartoli, Gianni / Betti, Michele / Torelli, Giacomo (2017): Damage assessment of the Baptistery of San Giovanni in Florence by means of numerical modelling. In: International Journal of Masonry Research and Innovation, v. 2, n. 1 ( 2017).


  7. Torelli, Giacomo / Mandal, Parthasarathi / Gillie, Martin / Tran, Van-Xuan (2016): Concrete strains under transient thermal conditions: A state-of-the-art review. In: Engineering Structures, v. 127 (November 2016).


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