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Ling-Yun Peng

Die folgende Bibliografie enthält alle in dieser Datenbank indizierten Veröffentlichungen, die mit diesem Namen als Autor, Herausgeber oder anderweitig Beitragenden verbunden sind.

  1. Kang, Ying-Jie / Peng, Ling-Yun / Pan, Peng / Xiao, Gen-qi / Wang, Hai-shen (2021): Shaking table test and numerical analysis of a coal-fired power plant equipped with large mass ratio multiple tuned mass damper (LMTMD). In: Journal of Building Engineering, v. 43 (November 2021).


  2. Kang, Ying-Jie / Peng, Ling-Yun / Liu, Wen / Lai, Zong-Rui (2019): Steady-State Response and Damping Control Effect of Reid-TMD. In: International Journal of Structural Stability and Dynamics, v. 19, n. 10 (Oktober 2019).


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  4. Peng, Ling-Yun / Deng, Yu-Ke / Chen, Hua-ting / Kang, Ying-Jie / Li, Xiang-xiu (2019): Finite Element Analysis and Test Study on Restraint of High-energy Pipe Whip in Conventional Island. In: KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering, v. 23, n. 4 (März 2019).


  5. Peng, Ling-Yun / Kang, Ying-Jie / Lai, Zong-Rui / Deng, Yu-Ke (2018): Optimization and Damping Performance of a Coal-Fired Power Plant Building Equipped with Multiple Coal Bucket Dampers. In: Advances in Civil Engineering, v. 2018 ( 2018).


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