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Mohamed Amine Khadimallah

Die folgende Bibliografie enthält alle in dieser Datenbank indizierten Veröffentlichungen, die mit diesem Namen als Autor, Herausgeber oder anderweitig Beitragenden verbunden sind.

  1. Cao, Yan / Zandi, Yousef / Rahimi, Abouzar / Petković, Dalibor / Denić, Nebojša / Stojanović, Jelena / Spasić, Boban / Vujović, Vuk / Khadimallah, Mohamed Amine / Assilzadeh, Hamid (2021): Evaluation and monitoring of impact resistance of fiber reinforced concrete by adaptive neuro fuzzy algorithm. In: Structures, v. 34 (Dezember 2021).


  2. Wang, Qiangfeng / Gao, Jun / Wu, Shengbin / Khadimallah, Mohamed Amine / Chen, Huiwei (2021): Coupled thermoelasticity of FG-GPLRC multi-curved composite panel under thermal shock loading. In: Composite Structures, v. 276 (November 2021).


  3. Alabduljabbar, Hisham / Benjeddou, Omrane / Soussi, Chokri / Khadimallah, Mohamed Amine / Alyousef, Rayed (2021): Effects of incorporating wood sawdust on the firing program and the physical and mechanical properties of fired clay bricks. In: Journal of Building Engineering, v. 35 (März 2021).


  4. Benjeddou, Omrane / Alyousef, Rayed / Mohammadhosseini, Hossein / Soussi, Chokri / Khadimallah, Mohamed Amine / Alabduljabbar, Hisham / Tahir, Mahmood Md (2020): Utilisation of waste marble powder as low-cost cementing materials in the production of mortar. In: Journal of Building Engineering, v. 32 (November 2020).


  5. Alyousef, Rayed / Benjeddou, Omrane / Khadimallah, Mohamed Amine / Mohamed, Abdeliazim Mustafa / Soussi, Chokri (2018): Study of the Effects of Marble Powder Amount on the Self-Compacting Concretes Properties by Microstructure Analysis on Cement-Marble Powder Pastes. In: Advances in Civil Engineering, v. 2018 ( 2018).


  6. Alyousef, Rayed / Khadimallah, Mohamed Amine / Soussi, Chokri / Benjeddou, Omrane / Jedidi, Malek (2018): Experimental and Theoretical Study of a New Technique for Mixing Self-Compacting Concrete with Marble Sludge Grout. In: Advances in Civil Engineering, v. 2018 ( 2018).


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