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Die folgende Bibliografie enthält alle in dieser Datenbank indizierten Veröffentlichungen, die mit diesem Namen als Autor, Herausgeber oder anderweitig Beitragenden verbunden sind.

  1. Qiao, Guinan / Wang, Yu / Yu, Haiyang / Li, Yanju / Guo, Chunmei: Field investigations on operational performance of a novel radiant floor heating equipment applied in a typical office building. In: Building Services Engineering Research and Technology.


  2. Ren, Yanlin / Guo, Chunmei / Lv, Jian / Xu, Jixiang / Dong, Sihang / Meng, Dandong / Ma, Xuejian / Guo, Shiwei (2021): Experimental study on a cross-flow energy recovered indirect evaporative cooling (ERIEC) assisted liquid desiccant dehumidifier (LDD) with improved spraying nozzle and surface wetness. In: Science and Technology for the Built Environment, v. 27, n. 7 (Juni 2021).


  3. Min, Yunran / Chen, Yi / Yang, Hongxing / Guo, Chunmei (2020): Characteristics of primary air condensation in indirect evaporative cooler: Theoretical analysis and visualized validation. In: Building and Environment, v. 174 (Mai 2020).


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