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Angela Ferrante ORCID

Die folgende Bibliografie enthält alle in dieser Datenbank indizierten Veröffentlichungen, die mit diesem Namen als Autor, Herausgeber oder anderweitig Beitragenden verbunden sind.

  1. Ferrante, Angela / Schiavoni, Mattia / Bianconi, Francesca / Milani, Gabriele / Clementi, Francesco (2021): Influence of Stereotomy on Discrete Approaches Applied to an Ancient Church in Muccia, Italy. In: Journal of Engineering Mechanics (ASCE), v. 147, n. 11 (November 2021).


  2. Ferrante, Angela / Loverdos, Dimitri / Clementi, Francesco / Milani, Gabriele / Formisano, Antonio / Lenci, Stefano / Sarhosis, Vasilis (2021): Discontinuous approaches for nonlinear dynamic analyses of an ancient masonry tower. In: Engineering Structures, v. 230 (März 2021).


  3. Clementi, Francesco / Milani, Gabriele / Ferrante, Angela / Valente, Marco / Lenci, Stefano (2019): Crumbling of Amatrice clock tower during 2016 Central Italy seismic sequence: Advanced numerical insights. In: Frattura ed Integrità Strutturale, v. 14, n. 51 (Dezember 2019).


  4. Ferrante, Angela / Clementi, Francesco / Milani, Gabriele (2019): Dynamic Behavior of an Inclined Existing Masonry Tower in Italy. In: Frontiers in Built Environment, v. 5 (November 2019).


  5. Clementi, Francesco / Ferrante, Angela / Giordano, Ersilia / Dubois, Frédéric / Lenci, Stefano (2019): Damage assessment of ancient masonry churches stroked by the Central Italy earthquakes of 2016 by the non-smooth contact dynamics method. In: Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering, v. 18, n. 2 (Mai 2019).


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