Utility tunnels

The database currently contains a total of 38 structures in this category.

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# Name Year Location Status
1 A660 Pipeline Ems Tunnel 2010 Delfzijl Netherlands - Krummhörn (NI) Germany in use
2 Ayazaga Tunnel Ayazaga Turkey under construction
3 Bekleme Tunnel Bekleme Turkey project phase
4 Beykoz Tunnel Istanbul Turkey project phase
5 Bosphorus Water Tunnel Istanbul Turkey under construction
6 Brunsbüttelkoog Utility Tunnel Brunsbüttel (SH) Germany in use
7 Busby's Bore 1837 Sydney (NSW) Australia out of service
8 Busk-Ivanhoe Tunnel 1893 Colorado (CO) USA - Pitkin County (CO) USA in use
9 Cloaca Maxima Rome (LZ) Italy out of service
10 Dartford Cable Tunnel 2005 Dartford United Kingdom in use
11 Dez-Ghomrud Water Tunnel Iran Iran in use
12 Emscher Sewage Canal 2020 Essen (NRW) Germany - Holzwickede (NRW) Germany under construction
13 Favazzina Cable Tunnel 2013 Scilla (CI) Italy in use
14 Gunnison Tunnel 1909 Montrose (CO) USA in use
15 Hamidiye Tunnel Hamidiye Turkey - Alacali Turkey
16 Hetlingen Elbe River Utility Tunnel 2015 Hetlingen (SH) Germany - Steinkirchen (NI) Germany in use
17 Liffey Service Tunnel 2008 Dublin Ireland in use
18 Midfield Terminal Utility Tunnel Indianapolis (IN) USA in use
19 Modak Sagar Tunnel 2012 Vaitarna India in use
20 Nancy Creek Tunnel 2005 Atlanta (GA) USA - DeKalb County (GA) USA in use
21 New York City Water Tunnel No. 1 1917 New York (NY) USA in use
22 New York City Water Tunnel No. 2 1935 New York (NY) USA in use
23 New York City Water Tunnel No. 3 2020 New York (NY) USA under construction
24 Orange Fish Tunnel 1975 South Africa South Africa in use
25 Ortacesme Tunnel Ortacesme Turkey under construction
26 Päijänne Water Tunnel 1982 Vantaa Finland - Asikkala Finland in use
27 Rheintunnel Düsseldorf 1959 Düsseldorf (NRW) Germany in use
28 Sile-Alacali Tunnel Alacali Turkey - Sile Turkey project phase
29 Siloam's Tunnel -700 Jerusalem Israel disused
30 Souterrain romain de Venelles Venelles (13) France out of service
31 Spartentunnel Reichenbachbrücke 2009 Munich (BY) Germany in use
32 Transfert des eaux de Salazie 2009 Saint-Paul Réunion - La Possession Réunion in use
33 Tunnel of Eupalinos -560 Pythagoreion Greece out of service
34 Tunnel of the Saint Lawrence River HVDC Powerline Crossing 1991 Deschambault-Grondines (QC) Canada in use
35 Vauban Vault 1689 Les Cammazes (81) France in use
36 Versorgungstunnel unter der Kieler Förde 1990 Kiel (SH) Germany in use
37 Victoria Street Tunnel 1897 Nottingham (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
38 Zuckerbergstollen II 2003 Stuttgart (BW) Germany in use