Watch towers

The database currently contains a total of 111 structures in this category.

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# Name Year Location Status
1 Bayenturm Cologne (NRW) Germany in use
2 Beyazit Tower 1828 Istanbul Turkey in use
3 Blackbeard's Castle 1679 Charlotte Amalie United States Virgin Islands
4 Bockenheimer Warte 1435 Frankfurt (HE) Germany in use
5 Boyardville Tower Saint-Georges-d'Oléron (17) France in use
6 Bramafam Tower Aosta (VD) Italy in use
7 Buddenturm 1150 Münster (NRW) Germany out of service
8 Calixte II Tower Quingey (25) France in use
9 Charles le Téméraire Tower Charolles (71) France in use
10 Chindia Tower Târgovişte Romania in use
11 Dessauer Torturm 1300 Aken (Elbe) (ST) Germany in use
12 Dicker Turm 1250 Görlitz (SN) Germany in use
13 Dolder 1291 Riquewihr (68) France in use
14 Drum Tower 821 Ningbo China in use
15 Eigelsteintorburg Cologne (NRW) Germany out of service
16 Eschenheim Tower 1428 Frankfurt (HE) Germany in use
17 Fire Tower Sopron Hungary in use
18 Fünfknopfturm 1420 Kaufbeuren (BY) Germany in use
19 Galata Tower 1349 Istanbul Turkey in use
20 Gediminas Tower Vilnius Lithuania in use
21 Hahnentorburg 1220 Cologne (NRW) Germany out of service
22 Hallescher Turm 1556 Zörbig (ST) Germany in use
23 Kapitelturm Tangermünde (ST) Germany out of service
24 Katzenturm 1507 Feldkirch (VBG) Austria in use
25 Kiek in de Kök Tallinn Estonia in use
26 L'Oreillon 1708 Monaco-ville Monaco in use
27 Langeneichstädter Warte Mücheln (Geiseltal) (ST) Germany
28 Maiden Tower Baku Azerbaijan in ruins
29 Marguerite Tower Argentan (61) France
30 Martinsturm 1362 Bregenz (VBG) Austria in use
31 Metzgerturm 1345 Ulm (BW) Germany in use
32 Montmayeur Tower Aime (73) France in use
33 Moricq Tower 1435 Angles (85) France
34 Nesle's Tower Paris (75) France demolished
35 Osorio Tower Santa Colomba de Somoza Spain in ruins
36 Owl Tower Tangermünde (ST) Germany
37 Porta Castello Tower Vicenza (VN) Italy in use
38 Porte d'Orange de Carpentras Carpentras (84) France in use
39 Porte de la Citadelle Parthenay (79) France in use
40 Porte de la Gâche Viviers (7) France in use
41 Powder Tower Riga Latvia in use
42 Rabenštejn Tower České Budějovice Czechia in use
43 Rathenower Torturm Brandenburg an der Havel (BB) Germany in use
44 Reichenbacher Turm Görlitz (SN) Germany
45 Saint-Aubin Tower Angers (49) France in use
46 Saint-Nicolas Tower La Rochelle (17) France in use
47 Schrotturm Tangermünde (ST) Germany out of service
48 Schuldturm 1323 Nuremberg (BY) Germany out of service
49 Severinstorburg Cologne (NRW) Germany out of service
50 Signal Tower Rochefort (17) France out of service
51 Spremberger Turm Cottbus (BB) Germany in use
52 Stadtturm Straubing (BY) Germany in use
53 Stadtturm 1051 Fischamend (NOE) Austria in use
54 Steintorturm Brandenburg an der Havel (BB) Germany in use
55 Sukharev Tower 1695 Moscow Russia demolished
56 Tanguy Tower Brest (29) France in use
57 Tapia de la Ribera Tower Rioseco de Tapia Spain in ruins
58 Torre Astura Nettuno (LZ) Italy
59 Torre dei signori di Quart Aosta (VD) Italy in use
60 Torre del Clavero Salamanca Spain in use
61 Torre del lebbroso Aosta (VD) Italy in use
62 Torre del Oro 1221 Sevilla Spain in use
63 Torre dell'Elefante 1307 Cagliari (SD) Italy in use
64 Torre Leon Pancaldo Savona (LG) Italy out of service
65 Torre Tavira Cádiz Spain in use
66 Torre Verde Trento (TT) Italy out of service
67 Tour Barbeau Paris (75) France demolished
68 Tour Camoufle Metz (57) France out of service
69 Tour Carbonnière Saint-Laurent-d'Aigouze (30) France in use
70 Tour d'Oysel Bèze (21) France in use
71 Tour de Colombelles Colombelles (14) France partially demolished
72 Tour de Coutances Meaux (77) France partially destroyed
73 Tour de l'Horloge Bar-le-Duc (55) France in use
74 Tour de la Babote Montpellier (34) France in use
75 Tour de la Chaîne La Rochelle (17) France in use
76 Tour de la Haute-Chaîne Angers (49) France out of service
77 Tour de la Lanterne La Rochelle (17) France in use
78 Tour de la Monnaie Pau (64) France in use
79 Tour de la Pelote Besançon (25) France in use
80 Tour de la Plâtrerie 1446 Meaux (77) France partially demolished
81 Tour des Arbalétriers Meaux (77) France in use
82 Tour des archives Vernon (27) France in use
83 Tour des Arquebusiers Meaux (77) France in ruins
84 Tour des Arquets Cambrai (59) France in use
85 Tour des Calvys Le Cannet (6) France in use
86 Tour des Chaux Bèze (21) France in use
87 Tour des Esprits Metz (57) France in ruins
88 Tour des Fromages de la Clôture de l'abbaye de Cluny Cluny (71) France in use
89 Tour des Moulins de la Clôture de l'abbaye de Cluny Cluny (71) France in use
90 Tour des Mourgues Arles (13) France in use
91 Tour du Cordier Poitiers (86) France out of service
92 Tour du Guet Calais (62) France in use
93 Tour du Suquet 1395 Cannes (6) France in use
94 Tour du Vingtain Mornant (69) France in use
95 Tour Grégoire Givet (8) France out of service
96 Tour Grenetière Saumur (49) France in use
97 Tour Magdala Rennes-le-Château (11) France in use
98 Tour Magne Nîmes (30) France in ruins
99 Tour Mataguerre Périgueux (24) France in use
100 Tour Philippe le Bel 1302 Villeneuve-lès-Avignon (30) France out of service