Tower structures

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# Name Year Location Status
1 "Beaubourg" Type High-Voltage Pylon at Carros Carros (6) France in use
2 "Beaubourg" Type High-Voltage Pylon at Ginasservis Ginasservis (83) France in use
3 "Chat" Type High-Voltage Pylon Ginasservis (83) France in use
4 3S Aerial Tramway Pylon 2004 Kitzbühel (TIR) Austria in use
5 400kV Thames Crossing Pylons 1965 Thurrock (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
6 Aalborg Tower Aalborg Denmark in use
7 Abspannmast Elbekreuzung 1 (Hetlingen) 1962 Hetlingen (SH) Germany in use
8 Abspannmast Elbekreuzung 1 (Hollern-Twielenfleth) 1962 Hollern-Twielenfleth (NI) Germany in use
9 Abspannmast Elbekreuzung 2 1978 Stade (NI) Germany in use
10 Abspannmast Elbekreuzung 2 (Hetlingen) 1978 Hetlingen (SH) Germany in use
11 Abspannmaste Eyachüberspannung Höfen 1992 Höfen an der Enz (BW) Germany in use
12 Abzweigmast Vohenstrauss 1992 Vohenstrauß (BY) Germany in use
13 Adziogol Lighthouse 1911 Kherson Ukraine
14 Afif LORAN-C Transmission Mast Afif Saudi Arabia in use
15 AFN Giessen Medium Wave Transmission Mast Gießen (HE) Germany dismantled
16 AFN Tower Augsburg (BY) Germany demolished
17 AFN Tower Würzburg (BY) Germany demolished
18 AFN Tranmission Masts at Weisskirchen 1955 Oberursel (Taunus) (HE) Germany
19 AFN-Sendemast Ismaning 1947 Ismaning (BY) Germany in use
20 Agios Stefanos Medium Wave Transmission Mast Agios Stefanos Greece in use
21 Ağrı Longwave Transmission Mast (Ost) Ağrı Turkey in use
22 Ağrı Longwave Transmission Mast (West) Ağrı Turkey in use
23 Aguada Transmission Tower Aguada (US-PR) USA in use
24 Ahlbeck Observation Tower 1996 Heringsdorf (MV) Germany in use
25 Aholming Long Wave Transmitter 1988 Aholming (BY) Germany in use
26 Akraberg Medium Wave Transmission Tower 1990 Sumba Denmark in use
27 Al Karanah Longwave Transmission Mast (North) 1988 Al Karanah Jordan in use
28 Al Karanah Longwave Transmission Mast (South) 1988 Al Karanah Jordan in use
29 Al Khamasin LORAN-C Transmission Mast Al Khamasin Saudi Arabia in use
30 Al Muwassam LORAN-C Transmission Mast Al Muwassam Saudi Arabia in use
31 Aldrans Transmission Masts 1927 Aldrans (TIR) Austria demolished
32 ALISS-Antennen Nauen 1997 Nauen (BB) Germany in use
33 Almaty Television Tower 1983 Almaty Kazakhstan in use
34 Altai Longwave Transmission Mast Altai Mongolia
35 Alter MW-Sendemast des SFB 1950 Berlin (BE) Germany demolished
36 Älvsbynmasten Boden Sweden
37 Amailloux Transmission Mast Amailloux (79) France in use
38 American Towers Tower 1986 Columbia (LA) USA in use
39 American Towers Tower 2004 Randleman (NC) USA in use
40 American Towers Tower 2004 Robertsdale (AL) USA in use
41 American Towers Tower Elkhart 2001 Elkhart (IA) USA in use
42 American Towers Tower Liverpool 1992 Liverpool (TX) USA in use
43 American Towers Tower Missouri City 2000 Missouri City (TX) USA in use
44 AMFM Tower 1990 Collinsville (TX) USA in use
45 Amritsar Television Tower 2003 Amritsar India in use
46 Angarsk Longwave Transmission Mast 1940 Angarsk Russia partially destroyed
47 Angelburg Transmission Tower 1968 Angelburg (HE) Germany in use
48 Angissq LORAN-C transmitter 1963 Nanortalik Greenland collapsed
49 Angissq LORAN-C transmitter 1964 Nanortalik Greenland out of service
50 Angus Mast 1965 Dundee (GB-SCT) United Kingdom in use
51 Anjalankoski Transmission Tower 1965 Kouvola Finland in use
52 Annapolis NSS Ring Masts 1968 Annapolis (MD) USA demolished
53 Ansbach AFN Transmission Mast Ansbach (BY) Germany in use
54 Ansbach Transmission Tower Ansbach (BY) Germany
55 Anthorn VLF Transmitter 1964 Anthorn (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
56 Arbråmasten Bollnäs Sweden in use
57 Arfon Transmission Mast 1962 Nasareth (GB-WLS) United Kingdom in use
58 Argenton Transmission Tower Argenton-sur-Creuse (36) France in use
59 Arkhangelsk TV Mast 1964 Arkhangelsk Russia in use
60 Arkhangelsk VLF Center Masts Voshdorma Russia in use
61 Arkhangelsk VLF Ring Masts Voshdorma Russia in use
62 Arman Longwave Transmission Mast Arman Russia
63 Armstedt Transmission Mast Armstedt (SH) Germany in use
64 ARRT Transmission Mast at Noginsk 2006 Noginsk Russia in use
65 Arts Centre Melbourne 1984 Melbourne (VIC) Australia in use
66 Ash Shaykh Humayd LORAN-C Transmission Mast Ash Shaykh Humayd Saudi Arabia in use
67 Ashgabat Longwave transmission Mast Ashgabat Turkmenistan
68 Ashkirk Mast 1963 Selkirk (GB-SCT) United Kingdom in use
69 Asinelli Tower 1119 Bologna (ER) Italy in use
70 Atamanovka Longwave Transmission Mast Atamanovka Russia
71 Athlone Transmission Masts 1933 Athlone Ireland in use
72 Atlanta Turner Broadcasting Tower 1980 Atlanta (GA) USA in use
73 AtmosFear 1990 Gothenborg Sweden in use
74 Atzelberg Tower 1980 Kelkheim (Taunus) (HE) Germany destroyed
75 Aufhausen Police Radio Tower 1965 Geislingen an der Steige (BW) Germany in use
76 Aurich-Popens Transmitter Aurich (NI) Germany in use
77 Ausblendmast Mühlacker 1954 Mühlacker (BW) Germany dismantled
78 Außenmaste der Funkstelle Eilvese 1922 Neustadt am Rübenberge (NI) Germany dismantled
79 Aussichtsturm Grötzinger Höhe 1883 Neustadt in Sachsen (SN) Germany in use
80 Aussichtsturm Klobikau 2002 Bad Lauchstädt (ST) Germany in use
81 Aust Severn Powerline Crossing Pylon Aust (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
82 Autun Transmission Tower Autun (71) France in use
83 Avsyunino Longwave Transmission Mast 1964 Avsyunino Russia in use
84 AWA Tower 1939 Sydney (NSW) Australia in use
85 Azilal Longwave Transmission Mast Azilal Morocco
86 Babí lom Transmission Tower Babí lom Czechia in use
87 Bad Dürkheim Aerial Tramway Pylon 1973 Bad Dürkheim (RP) Germany out of service
88 Bad Dürrheim Transmission Mast 1950 Bad Dürrheim (BW) Germany demolished
89 Bad Marienberg Transmission Mast 1967 Bad Marienberg (Westerwald) (RP) Germany in use
90 Bad Schandau Elevator 1904 Bad Schandau (SN) Germany in use
91 Baden Tower 2000 Baden (ON) Canada in use
92 Bafa Longwave Transmission Mast (North) Didim Turkey
93 Bafa Longwave Transmission Mast (South) Didim Turkey in use
94 bahnorama 2010 Vienna Austria in use
95 Bakaly Transmission Mast Bakaly Russia in use
96 Balashikha Transmission Mast Balashikha Russia in use
97 Balashikha Transmission Tower Balashikha Russia in use
98 Balasore LORAN-C Transmission Mast Balasore India in use
99 Bälshultmasten Emmaboda Sweden
100 Baltic Cable Pylons I 1993 Vellinge Sweden in use