Research / testing towers

The database currently contains a total of 34 structures in this category.

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# Name Year Location Status
1 Beratzhausen-Rechberg Wind Mast 2009 Beratzhausen (BY) Germany in use
2 Bourgonge Hydro-meteorological Station Blaisy-Haut (21) France in use
3 BREN Tower 1962 Nevada (NV) USA demolished
4 Brunsbüttel Wind Mast Brunsbüttel (SH) Germany in use
5 Dukovany Weather Mast Dukovany Czechia in use
6 Fallturm Bremen 1990 Bremen (HB) Germany in use
7 FINO-Forschungsplattform 1 2003 German Bight (North Sea) Germany in use
8 Hegyhátsál Television Tower Hegyhátsál Hungary in use
9 Karlsruhe Meteorological Research Mast 1972 Karlsruhe (BW) Germany in use
10 KFÜ-Meßmast Grafenrheinfeld 1978 Grafenrheinfeld (BY) Germany in use
11 KFÜ-Meßturm Gundremmingen Gundremmingen (BY) Germany
12 KNMI-Mast Cabauw 1972 Cabauw Netherlands in use
13 Košetice Wind Measurement Mast 2012 Košetice Czechia in use
14 Leonberg Wind Measurement Mast Leonberg (Württemberg) (BW) Germany in use
15 Meßmast des Jade-Windparks Wilhelmshaven (NI) Germany in use
16 Messmast Gussenstadt 2008 Gerstetten (BW) Germany in use
17 Meteorogical Research Mast of the KFA Jülich Jülich (NRW) Germany
18 Meteorologic Tower of the Obrigheim Nuclear Power Plant Obrigheim (BW) Germany in use
19 Meteorological Mast at Leibstadt Nuclear Power Station 1997 Leibstadt (AG) Switzerland in use
20 Meteorologischer Meßmast Garching 1959 Garching bei München (BY) Germany to be demolished
21 National Lift Tower 1982 Northampton (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
22 NAVO-Toren Veurne Belgium in use
23 Obninsk Meteorological Research Mast 1958 Obninsk Russia in use
24 Oskar-von-Miller Turm 2010 Garching bei München (BY) Germany in use
25 Richtfunkmast Gartow 1978 Gartow (NI) Germany in use
26 Rödeser Berg Wind Mast 2011 Wolfhagen (HE) Germany in use
27 Solae 2007 Inazawa Japan in use
28 ThyssenKrupp Elevator Test Tower 2017 Rottweil (BW) Germany under construction
29 Trudelturm 1936 Berlin (BE) Germany out of service
30 Turm der Lüfte 2007 Bremen (HB) Germany in use
31 UKW-Sendemast Hamburg-Billwerder 1960 Hamburg (HH) Germany in use
32 Żarnowiec Meteorological Mast 1982 Żarnowiec (PM) Poland demolished
33 ZOTTO Tower 2006 Zotino Russia in use
34 Zündhütle 1953 Karlsruhe (BW) Germany in use