Port control towers

The database currently contains a total of 12 structures in this category.

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# Name Year Location Status
1 Aberdeen Harbour Marine Operations Centre 2006 Aberdeen (GB-SCT) United Kingdom in use
2 Centro Náutico Engenheiro Edgar Cardoso Vila Nova de Gaia Portugal in use
3 Control Tower for Jacques Chaban-Delmas Bridge 2013 Bordeaux (33) France in use
4 Jeddah Port Control Tower 1990 Jeddah Saudi Arabia in use
5 La Coruña Port Control Tower La Coruña Spain in use
6 Le Havre Port Control Tower Le Havre (76) France in use
7 Lisbon Harbor Control Tower 2001 Lisbon Portugal in use
8 Mineral Port Control & Water Tower 1968 Fos-sur-Mer (13) France in use
9 Shipping Management Tower Melbourne (VIC) Australia in use
10 Sydney Harbour Control Tower 1974 Sydney (NSW) Australia to be demolished
11 Tour de contrôle de Mindin Saint-Brévin-les-Pins (44) France in use
12 World Port Center 2001 Rotterdam Netherlands in use