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Concrete towers

The database currently contains a total of 225 structures in this category.

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# Name Year Location Status
1 Aalen Transmission Tower Aalen (BW) Germany in use
2 Al Jahra Water Towers Al Jahra Kuwait in use
3 Almaty Television Tower 1983 Almaty Kazakhstan in use
4 Ansfelden Transmission Tower 1978 Ansfelden (OOE) Austria in use
5 Arhus Water Tower I Aarhus Denmark
6 Arsenal Tower Vienna Austria in use
7 Aspire Tower 2007 Doha Qatar in use
8 Astoria Column 1926 Astoria (OR) USA in use
9 Azeri TV Tower 1996 Baku Azerbaijan in use
10 Bergen 1 Transmission Tower 1986 Soltau (NI) Germany in use
11 Berlin Television Tower 1969 Berlin (BE) Germany in use
12 Bielefeld-Hühnenburg Transmission Tower Bielefeld (NRW) Germany in use
13 Blagnac Water Tower Blagnac (31) France in use
14 Bonnevoie Water Tower Luxembourg Luxembourg in use
15 Boynton Beach Water Tower Boynton Beach (FL) USA in use
16 Brackenheim Transmission Tower 1969 Brackenheim (BW) Germany in use
17 Bremerhaven Radar Tower 1965 Bremerhaven (HB) Germany in use
18 Bron Water Tower 1954 Bron (69) France in use
19 Bungsberg Transmission Tower 1977 Bungsberg (SH) Germany in use
20 Bunker Sande 1943 Sande (NI) Germany damaged
21 Burgwindheim Transmission Tower 1984 Burgwindheim (BY) Germany in use
22 Buttenheim Transmission Tower 1973 Buttenheim (BY) Germany in use
23 Cairo Television Tower 1960 Cairo Egypt
24 Capellen Water Tower Mamer Luxembourg in use
25 Central Radio & TV Tower 1992 Beijing China
26 Chancy-Pougny Water Tower 1924 Chancy (GE) Switzerland
27 Charles de Gaulle Airport - Water Tower Roissy-en-France (95) France in use
28 Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Control Tower Mumbai India in use
29 CN Tower 1976 Toronto (ON) Canada in use
30 Cocody Water Tower 1953 Cocody Côte d in use
31 Coit Tower 1934 San Francisco (CA) USA in use
32 Collex-Bossy Water Tower 1966 Collex-Bossy (GE) Switzerland in use
33 Collmberg Transmission Tower 1960 Oschatz (SN) Germany demolished
34 Collserola Tower 1992 Barcelona Spain in use
35 Colombo Lotus Tower 2018 Colombo Sri Lanka under construction
36 Colonius 1981 Cologne (NRW) Germany in use
37 Cooling Tower at Niederaussem Power Plant 2000 Bergheim (NRW) Germany in use
38 Cooling Tower at Velilla del Rio Carrión 1984 Velilla del Rio Carrión Spain in use
39 Copenhagen International Airport Control Tower 2008 Tårnby Denmark in use
40 Csepel Water Tower 1984 Budapest Hungary in use
41 Degerloch Water Tower 1912 Stuttgart (BW) Germany in use
42 Deilingen Transmission Tower 1954 Deilingen (BW) Germany in use
43 Dequede TV Tower 1959 Osterburg (Altmark) (ST) Germany in use
44 DFS Air Traffic Control Tower Düsseldorf Düsseldorf (NRW) Germany in use
45 Dissen Transmission Tower Dissen am Teutoburger Wald (NI) Germany in use
46 Dobratsch Transmission Tower 1971 Villach (KTN) Austria in use
47 Donauturm 1964 Vienna Austria in use
48 Donnersberg TV Tower 1962 Donnersberg (RP) Germany in use
49 Dresden Transmission Tower 1966 Dresden (SN) Germany in use
50 Duisburg Transmission Tower Duisburg (NRW) Germany in use
51 Duisburg-Walsum Cooling Tower 2013 Duisburg (NRW) Germany in use
52 Eddystone Lighthouse 1759 Plymouth United Kingdom out of service
53 Eichert Water Tower 1975 Göppingen (BW) Germany in use
54 El Rincón Lighthouse 1925 Buenos Aires Argentina in use
55 Emley Moor Tower 1971 Emley Moor United Kingdom in use
56 Erbi Transmission Tower 1993 Vaduz Liechtenstein in use
57 Europe Tower 1979 Frankfurt (HE) Germany in use
58 Exelberg Transmission Tower Exelberg (NOE) Austria in use
59 Fallturm Bremen 1990 Bremen (HB) Germany in use
60 Fedala Reservoir 1957 Mohammedia Morocco in use
61 Fernmeldeturm Berlin-Schäferberg 1963 Berlin (BE) Germany in use
62 Fernsehturm Brotjacklriegel 1960 Brotjacklriegel (BY) Germany in use
63 Fernsehturm Heidelberg 1958 Heidelberg (BW) Germany in use
64 Fernsehturm Helpterberge 1981 Neubrandenburg (MV) Germany in use
65 Fernsehturm Müggelberge 1956 Berlin (BE) Germany unfinished
66 Fernsehturm Schwerin-Zippendorf 1964 Schwerin (MV) Germany in use
67 Flensburg-Mürwik Water Tower 1961 Flensburg (SH) Germany in use
68 Frankenwarte Mobile Telephone Transmitter 1993 Würzburg (BY) Germany in use
69 Fremersbergturm 1961 Baden-Baden (BW) Germany in use
70 Friedrich Clemens Gerke Tower 1992 Cuxhaven (NI) Germany in use
71 Funkturm Holzgerlingen 2003 Holzgerlingen (BW) Germany in use
72 Gauss Tower 1964 Dransfeld (NI) Germany in use
73 Gerbrandy Tower 1961 IJsselstein Netherlands in use
74 Ghlin Water Tower 2014 Mons Belgium in use
75 Goldberg Water Tower 1963 Sindelfingen (BW) Germany in use
76 Graf Ulrich Tower 1989 Grafenau (BW) Germany in use
77 Heist Lighthouse 1907 Knokke-Heist Belgium in use
78 Helsinki Olympic Stadium Tower 1938 Helsinki Finland in use
79 Hermesturm 1958 Hanover (NI) Germany in use
80 Heubach Television Tower Heubach (BW) Germany in use
81 Hochheideturm 2002 Willingen (Upland) (HE) Germany in use
82 Hohen Neuendorf Water Tower 1914 Hohen Neuendorf (BB) Germany in use
83 Høiåsmasten 1980 Halden Norway in use
84 Jägersrotornet 1976 Malmö Sweden in use
85 Jaisalmer TV Tower 1993 Jaisalmer India in use
86 Ještěd Tower 1973 Liberec Czechia in use
87 Johannesburg Grand Central Water Tower Johannesburg South Africa in use
88 John Vorster Tower 1978 Pretoria South Africa in use
89 Kashubian Eye 2006 Gniewino (PM) Poland in use
90 Kiel Transmission Tower 1975 Kiel (SH) Germany in use
91 Košutnjak Water Tower 1976 Belgrade Serbia in use
92 Krishnapatnam Cooling Towers 2014 Krishnapatnam India completed
93 Kuala Lumpur Tower 1994 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in use
94 Kulpenberg Tower 1964 Steinthaleben (TH) Germany in use
95 Kuwait Towers 1977 Kuwait City Kuwait in use
96 Kuwait Water Towers 1976 Kuwait City Kuwait in use
97 La Coruña Port Control Tower La Coruña Spain in use
98 La Duchère Water Tower 1967 Champagne-au-Mont-d'Or (69) France in use
99 Landespolizeidirektion Karlsruhe - Sendestelle Lerchenberg 1976 Deckenpfronn (BW) Germany in use
100 Leibstadt Nuclear Power Plant Cooling Tower 1984 Leibstadt (AG) Switzerland in use