Structures & Large-Scale Projects

  1. 112th Street Bridge (1996)

    Cohoes, New York, USA - Lansingburgh, New York, USA
    Bascule bridge
    Road bridge

  2. 6th of October Bridge
    6th of October Bridge (1996)

    Cairo, Egypt
    Girder bridge
    Motorway bridge / freeway bridge

  3. A 14 Motorway (France)
    A 14 Motorway (France) (1996)

    Paris-La Défense, Ile-de-France, France - Poissy, Ile-de-France, France
    Motorway / Freeway / Interstate

  4. Admiralty MRT Station (1996)

    Singapore, Singapore
    Elevated metro or light rail station

  5. Admiralty Towers II (1996)

    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
    Apartment building

  6. Adriatic Arena
    Adriatic Arena (1996)

    Pesaro, Marche, Italy
    Stadium / Arena

  7. Aérogare de l'aéroport de la Guadeloupe
    Aérogare de l'aéroport de la Guadeloupe (1996)

    Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe
    Airport terminal building

  8. Ahlbeck Observation Tower (1996)

    Heringsdorf, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany
    Steel truss tower (free standing)
    Steel tower or mast
    Observation tower

  9. Aikawa Dam (Miyagi) (1996)

    Miyagi, Miyagi, Japan
    Rockfill dam
    Irrigation & industrial water dam

  10. Al Wahda Dam (1996)

    Ouezzane, Tanger-Tétouan-Al Hoceïma, Morocco
    Flood-control dam
    Earthfill dam
    Hydroelectric dam / plant
    Irrigation & industrial water dam

  11. Alem Plaza
    Alem Plaza (1996)

    Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Office building

  12. Alforra Tunnel
    Alforra Tunnel (1996)

    Madeira, Madeira, Portugal
    Road tunnel

  13. Alor Setar Communications Tower (1996)

    Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia
    Communications mast or tower

  14. Amsterdam ArenA
    Amsterdam ArenA (1996)

    Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
    Stadium / Arena

  15. Ansbach Cable-Stayed Bridge
    Ansbach Cable-Stayed Bridge (1996)

    Ansbach, Bavaria, Germany
    Pedestrian bridge (footbridge)
    Wooden bridge
    Cable-stayed bridge

  16. Antigone Olympic Swimming Pool
    Antigone Olympic Swimming Pool (1996)

    Montpellier, Occitanie, France
    Cable-supported structure
    Swimming pool / aquatic center

  17. Anyang-Dong Elevated Viaduct (1996)

    Seoul, South Korea
    Prestressed concrete bridge
    Haunched girder bridge
    Motorway bridge / freeway bridge
    Balanced cantilever method
    Box girder bridge

  18. Aobao Bridge (1996)

    Takachiho, Miyazaki, Japan
    Road bridge
    Deck arch bridge
    Reinforced concrete bridge

  19. Apache Bridge (1996)

    Seneca, Arizona, USA
    Road bridge
    Steel bridge
    Arch bridge

  20. Arauco Distribution Center (1996)

    Lampa, Santiago, Chile
    Factory building
    Wooden / timber structure


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