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Lully Viaduct

General Information

Other name(s): Viaduc de Lully
Completion: 1995
Status: in use

Project Type

Structure: Truss bridge
Function / usage: Motorway bridge / freeway bridge
Material: Steel bridge


Location: , ,
  • A1 Expressway

Technical Information


height 16 m
total length 964 m
span lengths 29.90 m - 21 x 42.75 m - 29.90 m
number of spans 23
bridge surface 26 456 m²
deck width 2 x 13.53 m
deck depth 3.85 m
girder depth 2.90 m
girder width 4.00 m


deck truss steel
deck slab reinforced concrete


The innovative design of the Lully viaduct proposes a light and transparent structure made of a triangular cross-section fabricated entirely from unstiffened circular tubes. The result is twin space trusses, with a typical span of 42.75 m. Each transversal triangular cross-section is 2.9 m high and 4.0 m wide, and is supported by a single slender pier. The largest diameters and thickness of the tubes are over 500 mm and nearly 70 mm respectively. Welded overlap K-joints and KK-joints form the brace-to-chord connections along the top and the bottom chords, respectively. The deck slab is connected directly to the top chord by uniformly distributed welded shear connectors.

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