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Liverpool Cathedral

General Information

Beginning of works: 1904
Completion: 1978
Status: in use

Project Type

Function / usage: Cathedral


Location: , , , ,
Connects to: Bridge of Hope
Coordinates: 53° 23' 51.00" N    2° 58' 23.00" W

Technical Information


total length 188.67 m
choir height to key of vault 35.36 m
crossing tower height 100.89 m
height to key of vault 53.34 m
nave height to key of vault 36.58 m



A design is submitted by Giles Gilbert Scott and he and George Bodley are appointed joint architects.

19 July 1904

King Edward IV lays the foundation stone.

29 June 1910

Lady Chapel is completed as first part of the cathedral. It is dedicated by Bishop Chavasse and Cosmo Long, Archbishop of York.


Consecration in the presence of King George V and Queen Mary.

20 February 1942

Sir Giles Scott places the final stone on the final finial at the top of the tower.

22 April 1961

The nave bridge and the first bay are completed.

17 June 1971

At Town Hall a decisision is taken to build a worthy cathedral for the City of Liverpool.

25 October 1978

Queen Elizabeth II attends a thanksgiving service to mark the completion of the cathedral.



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