Flood barriers

The database currently contains a total of 22 structures in this category.

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# Name Year Location Status
1 Cardiff Bay Barrage 1999 Cardiff (GB-WLS) United Kingdom in use
2 Duisburg Flood Barrier 1952 Duisburg (NRW) Germany in use
3 Eider Barrier 1973 Tönning (SH) Germany in use
4 Ems Barrier 2002 Moormerland (NI) Germany - Jemgum (NI) Germany in use
5 Estesperrwerk Hamburg 2000 Hamburg (HH) Germany in use
6 Greifswald-Wieck Flood Barrier 2016 Greifswald (MV) Germany in use
7 Hartel Barrier 1997 Spijkenisse Netherlands in use
8 Hollandse Ijssel Barrier 1958 Capelle aan den Ijssel Netherlands - Krimpen aan den IJssel Netherlands in use
9 Hull Tidal Surge Barrier Kingston upon Hull (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
10 Hunte Barrier 1979 Elsfleth (NI) Germany in use
11 Kennedy Bridge and Geeste Barrier 1961 Bremerhaven (HB) Germany in use
12 Lagan Weir 1994 Belfast (GB-NIR) United Kingdom in use
13 Lesum Barrier 1974 Bremen (HB) Germany in use
14 Maeslant Barrier 1997 Hoek van Holland Netherlands in use
15 Marina Barrage 2008 Singapore Singapore in use
16 Oosterschelde Barrier 1986 Schouwen-Duiveland Netherlands in use
17 Oste Barrier 1968 Balje (NI) Germany - Neuhaus (Oste) (NI) Germany in use
18 Pont-vannes du Millac Bourgneuf-en-Retz (44) France - Bouin (85) France in use
19 Swansea Bay barrage 1992 Swansea (GB-WLS) United Kingdom in use
20 Tees Barrage 1995 Stockton-on-Tees (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
21 Thames Barrier 1982 London (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
22 Velasco Memorial Tidal Gate 1978 Freeport (TX) USA in use