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The database currently contains a total of 554 structures in this category.

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# Name Year Location Status
1 AAMI Park 2010 Melbourne (VIC) Australia in use
2 Abelardo Rodriguez Market Hall 1935 Mexico City Mexico in use
3 Abuja International Conference Centre 1991 Abuja Nigeria in use
4 Achille Lignon Substation Villeurbanne (69) France in use
5 Admirant Eindhoven 2010 Eindhoven Netherlands in use
6 Adolfo López Mateos Market Hall 1960 Cuernavaca (MOR) Mexico in use
7 Agroindustria Massaro Warehouse 1978 Canelones Uruguay in use
8 Ahornblatt Restaurant 1973 Berlin (BE) Germany demolished
9 Aichtal Outdoor Theater 1977 Aichtal (BW) Germany in use
10 Albert Schöchle Amazonas Pavilion 2000 Stuttgart (BW) Germany in use
11 Albuquerque Civic Auditorium 1955 Albuquerque (NM) USA demolished
12 Algeciras Market Hall 1934 Algeciras Spain
13 Alnwick Garden Visitor Centre 2006 Alnwick (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
14 Alsterschwimmhalle 1967 Hamburg (HH) Germany in use
15 Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station Dome 1975 Geographic South Pole dismantled
16 Anaheim Ice 1995 Anaheim (CA) USA in use
17 Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center 2014 Anaheim (CA) USA in use
18 Anahuac Market Hall and Annex 1957 Mexico City Mexico in use
19 ANWB Headquarters 1960 The Hague Netherlands in use
20 Aquatoll 1990 Neckarsulm (BW) Germany in use
21 ARC - River Culture Pavilion 2012 Daegu South Korea in use
22 Arena da Amazônia 2014 Manaus (AM) Brazil in use
23 Armed Forces Officers' Club & Hotel Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates in use
24 Asphalt Green Sports and Arts Center 1944 New York (NY) USA in use
25 Assembly Hall of University of Illinois 1964 Champaign (IL) USA in use
26 Atlántida Church 1960 Atlántida Uruguay in use
27 Audimax Maximum 1958 Hamburg (HH) Germany in use
28 Auditorium Albert-Collet 1935 Vierzon (18) France in use
29 Auditorium of South Mountain High School 1972 Phoenix (AZ) USA in use
30 Auditorium of Tenerife 2003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife Spain in use
31 Auditorium of Tongji University 1962 Shanghai China in use
32 Aula des Cèdres 1962 Lausanne (VD) Switzerland in use
33 Aussegnungshalle 1999 Gräfelfing (BY) Germany in use
34 Autohalle Bramfelder Straße 111 Hamburg (HH) Germany in use
35 Autopalace 1964 Montevideo Uruguay in use
36 Avignon TGV Station 2001 Avignon (84) France in use
37 Aviodome 1969 Haarlemmermeer Netherlands demolished
38 Awning of Solbusch Campus Building S 1966 Brussels Belgium in use
39 Bacardi Rum Factory 1960 Tultitlán de Mariano Escobedo (MEX) Mexico in use
40 badi brugg 1981 Brugg (AG) Switzerland in use
41 Bahá'í House of Worship 1964 Hofheim am Taunus (HE) Germany in use
42 Baha'i House of Worship 1972 Panama City Panama in use
43 Bal Haf LNG Tanks 2008 Bal Haf Yemen in use
44 Basel University Library 1968 Basel (BS) Switzerland in use
45 Batumi Alphabetic Tower 2011 Batumi Georgia in use
46 Beerenplaat Water Treatment Facility 1965 Spijkenisse Netherlands in use
47 Beijing Exhibition Center 1954 Beijing China in use
48 Beijing Railway Station 1959 Beijing China in use
49 Berlin Central Station 2006 Berlin (BE) Germany in use
50 Berliner Bogen 2002 Hamburg (HH) Germany in use
51 Big Moscow Circus 1971 Moscow Russia in use
52 Biodôme 1976 Montreal (QC) Canada in use
53 Biosphere 1967 Montreal (QC) Canada in use
54 Black Forest Hall 1953 Karlsruhe (BW) Germany in use
55 Blaser Swisslube AG 1973 Hasle bei Burgdorf (BE) Switzerland in use
56 Bodega González Byass 1958 Jerez de la Frontera Spain in use
57 Bodegas Rio 1954 Mexico City Mexico in use
58 Boeing Field Hangar 1958 Everett (WA) USA in use
59 Bordeaux Law Courts 1998 Bordeaux (33) France in use
60 Bory Mall 2014 Bratislava Slovakia in use
61 Bosch Rexroth Foundry 1960 Lohr am Main (BY) Germany in use
62 Brasov Station 1967 Brasov Romania in use
63 Braunschweiger Platz Bus Stop 1994 Hanover (NI) Germany in use
64 Brennilis Nuclear Power Plant Brennilis (29) France
65 Brick Breeden Fieldhouse 1956 Bozeman (MT) USA in use
66 British Museum Great Court Roof London (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
67 Broadmoor International Center 1961 Colorado Springs (CO) USA in use
68 Brühl Sports Center 1982 Solothurn (SO) Switzerland in use
69 Brunei LNG Terminal - Reservoir 4 Lumut Brunei in use
70 Brynmawr Rubber Factory 1950 Brynmawr United Kingdom demolished
71 Bürgi Garden Center 1973 Camorino (TI) Switzerland in use
72 Bürkliplatz Pavilion 1908 Zurich (ZH) Switzerland in use
73 Cabot Circus 2008 Bristol (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
74 Café-Restaurant Wiesentalstrasse 1975 Chur (GR) Switzerland in use
75 Cameron LNG Tanks 2009 Cameron (LA) USA in use
76 Canary Wharf Underground Station 1999 London (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
77 Candelaria Metro Station 1967 Mexico City Mexico in use
78 Capilla a la Virgen Maria of Hagar del Niño Orphanage 1957 San Luis Potosí (SLP) Mexico in use
79 Carioca Wave Rio de Janeiro (RJ) Brazil in use
80 Carl Schuhmann Gymnasium 1988 Berlin (BE) Germany in use
81 Casa Dieste 1963 Montevideo Uruguay in use
82 Caspary Auditorium 1957 New York (NY) USA in use
83 Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption 1971 San Francisco (CA) USA in use
84 Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Algiers 1956 Algiers Algeria in use
85 Cement Hall 1940 Zurich (ZH) Switzerland demolished
86 Central Arcade 1906 Newcastle upon Tyne United Kingdom in use
87 Central Truck Terminal 1962 Mexico City Mexico in use
88 Centre Pierre-Charbonneau Montreal (QC) Canada in use
89 Centro Coop 1963 Biasca (TI) Switzerland in use
90 Centro Gallego 1953 Mexico City Mexico in use
91 Chamonix Library Chamonix-Mont-Blanc (74) France in use
92 Chapel of Mirador de Palmira 1959 Cuernavaca (MOR) Mexico in use
93 Chapel of the Ascension 1952 Sarroca de Bellera Spain in use
94 Chapel of the Holy Spirit 1953 Pirineo de Lérida Spain demolished
95 Chapel of the Immaculate Conception 1963 Mexico City Mexico in use
96 Charles de Gaulle Airport Terminal 2E 2004 Roissy-en-France (95) France partially in service
97 Chemical Sciences Auditorium 1952 Mexico City Mexico in use
98 Chiesa di san Carlo al Villaggio del Sole 1962 Vicenza (VN) Italy in use
99 Chiesa Nuova 1965 Bergamo (LM) Italy in use
100 Chung Shin Sports Center 1986 Taoyuan Taiwan in use